hedy lamar’s brain and spread spectrum radio, in wingnuttia its still race baiting time, using nature’s genius in architecture

Hedy Kiestler (November 9, 1913 – January 19, 2000), better known as actress Hedy Lamar helped win WW II in her spare time, How the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” Invented a System for Remote-Controlling Torpedoes

When Antheil met Hedy, now bona fide movie star, in the summer of 1940 at a dinner held by costume designer Adrian, they began talking about their interests in the war and their backgrounds in munitions (Antheil had been a young inspector in a Pennsylvania munitions plant during World War I.) Hedy had been horrified by the German torpedoing of two ships carrying British children to Canada to avoid the Blitz, and she had begun to think about a way to control a torpedo remotely, without detection.

Hedy had the idea for a radio that hopped frequencies and Antheil had the idea of achieving this with a coded ribbon, similar to a player piano strip. A year of phone calls, drawings on envelopes, and fiddling with models on Hedy’s living room floor produced a patent for a radio system that was virtually jam-proof, constantly skipping signals.

The patent filed in 1941 by Hedy and Antheil for a ‘secret communication system’

Hedy Lamar portrait. From my personal collection, not from the link, though they also have a nice photograph.

There is a hand drawn schematic for the Spread Spectrum (Frequency Hopping type only) device at the link. There is also a snip of one of the last interviews that Hedy gave in 1997 where she said ‘my beauty was my curse, so-to-speak, it created an impenetrable shield between people and who I really was’. Her lament that people only saw her for her beauty. While I sympathize a little, it is just a little. She had great beauty, brains, the kind of independence that few women of her generation enjoyed and she made a lot money that afforded her a very comfortable lifestyle. The rest of us mortals should be so cursed.

dirt road wheat wallpaper


Is it 2012 or 1968. You Can Hardly Tell By The Conservative Republican Candidates and Their Race Baiting

It’s commonplace to note that Newt Gingrich’s dog-whistle appellation that Barack Obama is the “food stamp president” is both racist and politically cynical. But the stereotyping of black government dependency also serves the strategic end of discrediting the entire social safety net, which most Americans of all races depend on. Black people are subtly demonized, but whites and blacks alike will suffer.

[  ]…If some whites reap some cold comfort from Gingrich’s performance, the racial hostility on display comes at a much higher cost to the American people as a whole. We have long since traded the possibility of a decent society for fear and resentment. So watch out for the next attack on “the food stamp president.” The entitlement they end might be your own.

I do not know, it might even or probably is, statistically impossible not to know someone who collects some kind of government benefit, gets some kind of subsidy or tax incentive. As one might expect in the South I am surrounded by people in civil service jobs that complain about welfare ( that no longer exists – it is work program and help feed poor children program). there are white senior citizens collecting Medicare and Medicaid who complain about those other people leeching off the system. The veterans who complain about the retirement benefits of the civil service workers and the pension plans of older generation auto and mine workers, but would scream bloody murder if you took away their well deserved benefits. It does seem as though there is a racial element or the nebulous others element to entitlements, and the resentments that follow. They’re for me, not those other people over there. Federal taxes are the lowest they’ve been since 1958. Though by way of a visit to a right-wing blog you’d think the tax rate was 60%. How can you have an honest debate with people who not only ignore the facts, they embrace falsehoods because it serves their agenda.

The other day I was writing about narcissistic extroverts. Here is an example that does not come up very often. It was his b-day January 27 – Kaiser Wilhelm II (27 January 1859 – 4 June 1941)

Arrogant, extremely vain, and always seeking praise, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany enjoyed a life of frivolity. His former chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, once remarked that the Kaiser would have liked every day to be his birthday.

[  ]..Born with a paralyzed left arm, considerably shorter than the right, Wilhelm needed help with eating and dressing throughout his life, and went to great lengths to hide his disability. He had, for example, a specially made fork to help him with his food. He owned over 30 castles throughout Germany and would visit them all occasionally, indulging in hunting – he was capable of killing a thousand or more animals in the course of a week-end’s hunt.

A lover of all things military and a collector of uniforms (he owned 600, many he designed himself), Wilhelm’s knowledge of military matters was little more than that of an overenthusiastic schoolchild. His knowledge of political matters was equally shallow, having neither the enthusiasm or attention-span to read lengthy or detailed reports.

Wilhelm’s power, he firmly believed, was God-given. Any criticism of him or his policies was, in effect, an act of blasphemy. Germany, he said, ‘must follow me wherever I go.’

Gosh, he kinda reminds me of the mentality of a few people, a whole movement in the U.S. Its on the tip of my brain.

The International Club of Cynics is probably going to cancel my membership, but I found this TED talk very inspiring – Michael Pawlyn: Using nature’s genius in architecture

How can architects build a new world of sustainable beauty? By learning from nature. At TEDSalon in London, Michael Pawlyn describes three habits of nature that could transform architecture and society: radical resource efficiency, closed loops, and drawing energy from the sun.

Pawlyn is not talking about some distant future possibilities, but used real world examples that have already been built.