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If News Corp hacked the phones of 9/11 families, Fox News is finished

The FBI investigation into the News Corp 9/11 hacking allegations could endanger the company’s broadcast licences in the US

There are few universally sacred cows in American politics these days, but the families of the victims of 9/11 are among them – conservative pundits Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck notwithstanding.

So with the bombshell that News of the World reporters may have sought not only to hack into their cell phone records and voice mails but to bribe a former NYPD officer to help, the US government finally got engaged in doing more than posturing.

Of course, a fair bit of posturing – some of it deserved – was clearly going to be the end result of the News Corp scandal here, even if the scandal itself remained confined to British soil. After all, News Corp is the parent company of the politically-divisive Fox News, and any whiff of scandal was going to be red meat for an exhausted and increasingly demoralised Democratic base in need of something else to think about.

And from early adopters Senator Jay Rockefeller (Democrat, West Virginia) to Senator Frank Lautenberg (Democrat, New Jersey) to the plethora of House Democrats who joined in the chorus to investigate News Corp for hacking Americans, violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (which prohibits the payment of bribes abroad by any company with any American operations) and for possiblly violating the accounting rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (by paying bribes abroad and covering them up), it was clear that the interest had far more to do with News Corp. (and its subsidiary Fox News) than any real interest in the virtually unknown-to-Americans News of the World.


Everyone thought they had Karl Rove and Dick Cheney for revealing the name of a NOC CIA agent who happened to specialize in Middle-East WMD, Scooter Libby came to the rescue and lied to a grand jury to protect them. After he was found guilty Bush commuted his sentence. Conservatives have a well deserved reputation for their zombie like ability to rise from the dead. So while this scandal deeply immoral and illegal series of events looks bad for Fox and Murdoch now, it ain’t over till they lock the cell doors.

zen pond wallpaper

Slide show – The Golden Age of Train Travel

For a relatively brief, shining period in history, there was no posher way to get from point A to point B than to go by train. Almost more moving hotels than industrial conveyances, passenger trains offered luxuries from the finest chefs to comfortable beds to on-side tailoring.

First slide up the Orient Express returns to the Gare d’Austerlitz, Paris, in 1978.

Be impulsive, be a fun spontaneous person, or maybe not. Depends on how big your clothes allowance is  – Personality Plays Role in Body Weight: Impulsivity Strongest Predictor of Obesity.

People with personality traits of high neuroticism and low conscientiousness are likely to go through cycles of gaining and losing weight throughout their lives, according to an examination of 50 years of data in a study published by the American Psychological Association.

Impulsivity was the strongest predictor of who would be overweight, the researchers found. Study participants who scored in the top 10 percent on impulsivity weighed an average of 22 lbs. more than those in the bottom 10 percent, according to the study.


Herman Cain doesn’t need pot. He’s on his own brand of psychogenic drugs – Cain In May 2008: The Economy Is Not In Recession, Liberals Just Want You To Think It Is

Even if you’re not especially into tech or cyber security this reads like a good mystery. A complete back story of the virus that infected Iran’s nuclear material processing plant – How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet, the Most Menacing Malware in History. The mystery continues since there is part of the code in Stuxnet that has not been deciphered.