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Recent events have hardly changed my mind. People have caught on that Rupert Murdoch is more an international criminal who meddles in various country’s affairs as it suits his agenda.  Though his underlings he has bribed police, used the police to dig up dirt on those pursuing the hacking accusations, has spied on England’s Prime Minister, the Royal family ( I generally cannot stand the royal family on principle but they are entitled to protections under the law). Murdock, his family and business associates are like a viral plague. Phone-hacking scandal: live coverage

*MPs expected to vote against Rupert Murdoch taking over BSkyB. With Labour and the government in favour, the motion – “This House believes that it is in the public interest for Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation to withdraw their bid for BSkyB” – may well go through unopposed.

*News International has been strongly attacked by the police officer who led the original investigation into phone hacking. Peter Clarke, a former deputy assistant commissioner, told the Commons home affairs committee: “If at any time News International had offered some meaningful co-operation instead of prevarication and what we now know to be lies, we would not be here today.”

*Gordon Brown has launched a passionate attack on News International for using known criminals to invade the privacy of his family and others. I had my bank account broken into. I had my legal files effectively broken into. My tax returns went missing at one point. Medical records were broken into,” he said. “I do know that in two instances there is absolute proof that News International hired people to do this and the people who are doing this are criminals, known criminals in some cases with records of violence and fraud.”

Among Murdock’s extensive international holdings he owns Fox News – the “fair” and “balanced” network. They are the news source that is supposed to be the balance and truth for that elusive liberal media that does not really exist. If even fifty percent of the media was liberal, or fact based like NOW on PBS the general population of the U.S. would not be as ignorant about public policy and current events as it is.

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Deadly Rabbit Disease May Have Doomed Iberian Lynx

Iberian lynxThe 1988 arrival of viral hemorrhagic disease (VHD) in Spain devastated that country’s European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) population and, in the process, possibly doomed the local species most adapted to hunt rabbit, the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus).

The wildcat is now critically endangered, with an estimated 100 to 200 animals remaining in the wild. That makes them the world’s most endangered feline species. The species numbered 4,000 animals in 1960.

Iberian lynx Photo by José María Alvarez

There is hope by way of replacing the European rabbit with another species that does not carry VHD. Unlike the introduction of rabbits to Australia this should not be a problem as there are several natural predators that would keep the rabbit population under control. The Iberian lynx is not adapted by size or the kind of terrain for which it prefers to use any prey as a substitute. There is a lesson here for those garage biologist mucking about with manipulating genes. VHD virus follows the  introduction of  the myxomatosis virus which was introduced into the rabbit population of France by a doctor who was pissed off by rabbits eating out of his garden. Myxomatosis also spread to Spain where it killed off about 95% of the rabbit population. VHD appears to have originated in China, but no one is sure how it spread.

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We do not have a deficit crisis, or a spending crisis or a debt crisis – New Framing: It is a Revenue Crisis, Not Budget Crisis.Whether the media, President Obama or a right-wing Congress critter says other wise does not change that reality.

Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann has received government subsides. Her husband takes government grants as a supposed health care professional to “cure” people of homosexuality. Not particularly shocking that conservatives should talk the talk but not walk the walk. Conservatives with their mouths virtually clued to the government tit is about par. The news that Bachmann used to help the government collect taxes more or less fits in with her and her supporters bubble of denial –  Tax Collector or Tax Litigation Attorney? Closer Look at Bachmann’s Past

“(Bachmann) In my work as a former federal tax attorney, I saw firsthand that our nation’s tax laws are hard to understand and undermine the country’s prosperity by imposing needlessly harsh penalties on work, savings, and investments.’’

Tell that to Marvin Manypenny, a Native American activist in Minnesota who failed to pay taxes on three years of wages totaling $30,650. Bachmann took him to federal court in 1992.

8 Words You’re Confusing With Other Words. I’ll confess mine:than and then, effective and affective.Which did not make the list.

What’s with the “sexless” trend? Recent reports of a backlash against sex are bogus, but they do reveal very real fears. These types of commentaries tend to run in some semi-regular pattern. We’ll get people are having too much sex series in a few months. I only scanned the articles mentioned, but I think the commentators tend to conflate sex with issues peripheral to sex. OK they might be closely related to the point where one cannot have sex without encountering those issues, but they’ll still not actual sex. Boiled down to one sentence the problem seem to be that to have sex you have to include another person. Other people always complicate our vision of how things should be. No reason that sex would be an exception.