black and white cabbage wallapaper II, hydrogen peroxide has been found in space, the recovery act and competing lies

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black and white cabbage wallapaper II

So does that mean that space aliens have whiter teeth, Hydrogen Peroxide Found in Space

Molecules of hydrogen peroxide have been found for the first time in interstellar space. The discovery gives clues about the chemical link between two molecules critical for life: water and oxygen. On Earth, hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the chemistry of water and ozone in our planet’s atmosphere, and is familiar for its use as a disinfectant or to bleach hair blonde. Now it has been detected in space by astronomers using the ESO-operated APEX telescope in Chile.

Water on earth or any other earth-like planet would have originated in space. So finding that there are molecules of (H2O2) floating around out there is key in understanding how water becomes available on any planet. The H2O2 molecules apparently cling to the surfaces of cosmic dust grains.

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Don’t let your kids grow up and drive drunk or do conservative math, Cable News Networks Help Spread Republicans’ ‘Highly Misleading’ Stimulus Math

Back in January, the Republicans staked out their opposition to the administration’s economic stimulus package by claiming that it would cost $275,000 for every job created. “All told, the plan would spend a whopping $275,000 in taxpayer dollars for every new job it aims to create, saddling each and every household with $6,700 in additional debt,” said Rep. John Boehner (R-OH).

This number was derived by taking the entire cost of the stimulus package and dividing it by the number of jobs created in just one year, obviously inflating the per job cost a few times over.

[  ]…Some Republican lawmakers critical of President Barack Obama’s stimulus package are using grade-school arithmetic to size up costs and consequences of all that spending. The math is satisfyingly simple but highly misleading…First, the naysayers’ calculations ignore the value of the work produced. Any cost-per-job figure pays not just for the worker, but for material, supplies and that worker’s output — a portion of a road paved, patients treated in a health clinic, goods shipped from a factory floor, railroad tracks laid. Second, critics are counting the total cost of contracts that will fuel work for months or years and dividing that by the number of jobs produced only to date.

As Woodward wrote, “dividing apples by oranges won’t settle” whether or not the stimulus package has been a success.

I’m a little confused by the basic premise. Many Republicans say the Recovery Act did not create or save even a single job. Which is it. The Recovery Act did not accomplish anything or it did, but it cost too much.

I found a great excuse for Bill O’Reilly, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin – Pollution can lead to brain damage and depression warn scientists

Ms Fonken said: “We wanted to look carefully at the hippocampus because it is associated with learning, memory and depression.”

They looked at the dendrites, which are the branches that grow off of nerve cells or neurons, which have small projections growing off them called spines, which transmit signals from one neuron to another.

Mice exposed to polluted air had fewer spines in parts of the hippocampus, shorter dendrites and overall reduced cell complexity.