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They might really be driving each other crazy, The way you relate to your partner can affect your long-term mental and physical health, study shows

The study found that all participants across the sample as a whole experienced sleep disruption after conflict, bearing out the adage “don’t go to bed angry”. There was however the greatest degree of sleep disruption amongst individuals who were highly anxious in their relationship. The lowest degree of sleep disruption was found amongst individuals who strongly avoided emotional attachment.

Conflict was also found to have repercussions for next-day mood. However, some participants found their mood negatively affected more than others. Individuals more at ease with emotional attachment found their mood was affected more than did individuals less comfortable being intimate with others.

Its is great to be able to shrug off hard feelings and resentment quickly, but seeing disagreements from an emotionally detached perspective might be a warning sign. That person might not have or be able to have a genuine investment in the relationship.

Sealant gel is effective in closing spinal wounds following surgery, study finds

A gel that creates a watertight seal to close surgical wounds provides a significant advance in the treatment of patients following spinal procedures, effectively sealing spinal wounds 100 percent of the time, a national multicenter randomized study led by researchers at UC Davis has found.

The substance, a polyethylene glycol (PEG) hydrogel sealant, plugs miniscule leaks in the thin sheath inside the spinal column that encloses the spinal cord, called the dura. The spinal cord and nerves float in cerebrospinal fluid inside the sheath.

I could not help but think that apparently previous to this discovery people were walking around with leaky spinal wounds.

Right-Wing Media Attack Obama For Accurate Remarks On Business’ Investment In Automated Machines. Some days they remind me of stupid neurotic little animals that find things and start chewing. With the hope the jaw work and spit will create something shiny and splendeferous. Instead they just end up with a sore jaw and a wad of mysterious fluid.

Right-wing media have seized on recent comments by President Obama to claim that Obama “blame[d] ATMs for high unemployment.” But Obama’s full comments show that he was suggesting that businesses are investing more heavily in automated machines than in hiring new employees, a view shared by economists.

[  ]…NY Times: MIT Economics Professor Said That “Jobs In The Middle Are Being Lost To Automation And Outsourcing, And Now Job Growth At The Top Is Slowing Because Of Automation.”

[  ]…Vista Technologies Managing Director: “You Don’t Have To Train Machines.” The June 9 Times article further quoted Dan Mishek, managing director of Vista Technologies, as saying that hiring employees “has some hidden costs, as well as the expenses of salary and benefits” and that “you don’t have to train machines.”