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New York Times Admits one of its biggest mistakes was not addressing the paper’s misleading pre-Iraq War coverage sooner

Keller, who announced Thursday that in September he will leave the post he has held since July 2003, said: “Judy was the author of a lot of those stories, and I should have dealt with the stories and with her I think as the sort of first order of business when I took the job rather than waiting until the following year.”

Keller was referring to the unusual editor’s note the Times published on May 26, 2004, in which it admitted many of its pre-war stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — a number of which were reported by Miller — misrepresented the situation before the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

“The whole Judy Miller WMD experience was … one of the low points of the last eight years,” Keller said.

As a democratic republic our country is structured in away that is supposed to have safeguards in place to protect us from misinformation and acting on hot button issues in the heat of the moment. During the Bush-era the historical tension between the three branches of government were largely absent. The House was all far Right for six of those eight years. The Senate was far Right. The executive branch was far Right, as was the judiciary branch. They all let each other do what benefited them politically, rather than was good for the country. Our very last safeguard, the press, in the hour which we needed it most to act as the people’s watchdog, ate up the biscuits tossed by their Republican political handlers. Judith Miller and by association, her editors failed us. Things do not seem to have improved all that much is regards the media. The recent controversy over Rep. Anthony Weiner is a good an example( out of hundreds). Even though Andrew Breitbart has burned the media several times with the edited ACORN tapes, the highly edited tapes of some university professors and other assorted cons, the lamestream media still ran the Weiner story. Even today the networks, the NYT and the WaPo are reporting it as Weiner says this and other sources say that. They are not reporting it as what it is – a smear against someone predicated on no proof what so ever. Yet, despite their flaws the best place, practically the only place left, besides the internet, to find good journalism, is in the print press. Credit to Keller for doing something exceedingly rare in modern times, admitting wrong.

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lion brothers wallpaper

Time to impeach a Supreme Court Justice, Calls for Investigations Into Justice Thomas in Light of New Financial Disclosures

First, the organization alleges, Justice Thomas falsified 20 years of judicial financial disclosure forms by denying that his wife had income sources; second, he engaged in judicial corruption by receiving $100,000 in support from Citizens United during his nomination and then ruling in favor of Citizens United in 2010 without disclosing that fact or disqualifying himself; and third, he apparently conspired with his wife in a form of “judicial insider trading” by providing her with information about the result of the Court’s decision in Citizens United prior to its issuance, which she then used to launch a new company to take financial advantage of that decision to benefit her and her husband.

On Friday, May 27, 2011, Clarence Thomas’ 2010 Financial Disclosure Forms were released showing that he had invested thousands of dollars in Liberty Consulting Inc. a lobbying and consulting firm founded by his wife to cater to the “tea party.” The disclosure also revealed that his wife received “salary and benefits” from Liberty Consulting and Liberty Central.

A fantasy I know, but it would be nice if Justice Thomas had a personal epiphany and came to see the way he has disgraced the SCOTUS and offer up his resignation.

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If you like old movies this isn’t bad, The Spiral Staircase (1946). Very moody psychological thriller, if a little slow-paced. Though if you watch a lot of modern horror porn, probably not that scary.

11 Bizarrely Wrong Beliefs Americans Have About Themselves. Thomas Jefferson once said, “An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.” He would be sorely disappointed at the state of the public will. Only 46 percent of the people can name even one Supreme Court justice.

The Dark Past Of The “Weinergate” Co-Pilot – Twitter avenger Mike Stack not your typical conservative agitator

As TSG reported yesterday, “Dan Wolfe” has conveniently evaporated in the wake of “Weinergate.” In fact, today Wolfe’s entire Twitter page was deleted.

But Stack, the other Twitter Twin, remains online. An examination of his background has discovered:

* Stack, who aggressively pushed the story about Weiner’s underpants shot, has worked as a moderator on a pornography web site, and been a regular commenter on several other X-rated sites. Stack describes himself as a “Pervert” on one site, where his avatar, captioned “Antichrist,” is a drawing of President Barack Obama as Jesus Christ.

Apparently Wolfe and Stack harassed some teens that were following Congressman Weiner. That would explain why Andrew Breitbart is suddenly trying to make seem as though he had nothing to do with the original smear.

Could a birth control pill for men be on the horizon?

The researchers found that low doses of the drug stopped sperm production with no apparent side effects. And crucial for a contraceptive, normal fertility was restored soon after drug administration was terminated.

This research was published by Columbia University Medical Center. So it may not be yet another unfulfilled male pill promise. They are now testing for long-term effects.