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And now here’s the UPDATE: Reader “milowent” took up the challenge. Without knowing my password — without hacking into my account — he got a third image into my Yfrog account, using the simple technique explained above. Here’s the image he sent me:

Kind of creepy, isn’t it? I’m reminded of those “ransom” photos you see in the movies, where the kidnap victim holds up a current newspaper.

[  ]…Why does Yfrog work that way? I don’t know. Ask their programmers.

The important point is this: The anomaly in the header indicates that the image was not sent by Weiner. It had to have been sent by someone else.

Not only that. Believe it or not, when an outsider sends a pic to someone else’s Yfrog account in this fashion, the action creates a message in the “twitterstream.” The message seems to originate with the Twitter account holder — but it doesn’t. It comes from somewhere else — from someone mailing a picture to the account holder.

This is a serious security flaw in the design of Yfrog and Twitter. It allows a malicious outsider to “spoof” a tweet that seems to come from someone else.

Cannonfire explains step by step how Rep. Weiner’s stalker Dan Wolfe most likely used e-mail to add the infamous photo to the Congressman’s Twitter stream. Quickly took a screen shot before anyone could delete it. The Congressman did delete the photo within the next half hour. This is who thus far the Right has never provided any evidence what so ever that proved the Congressman was the one who posted the photo. Some how the narrative has shifted to Weiner having to prove his innocence instead of his accusers having to prove, yes beyond a reasonable doubt, he did something inappropriate.

The way the counter arguments are going mostly revolves around this,

“This was essentially a hacked account that had a gag photo sent out on it,” Mr. Weiner, a Democrat, said during an interview in his office here. “I can’t say with certainty very much about where the photograph came from.”

This is a logics issue which the Right is trying to make into an argument based on emotional appeals. Yea sure, technically Cannonfire(Joseph) is correct, but look at what Weiner said. The in-artful language, that lacks what the Right thinks he should have said does not negate the facts as known. The moon orbits the earth. If I say I can’t say with certainty where the moon came from, it still does not negate the basic facts of the moon’s existence and orbit. If an alcoholic says they saw a murder, you can impune the character of the witness, that does not make the facts of what took place go away. This may have been just more fun and games for the Right who has used such tactics to attack ACORN, Planned Parenthood and Shirley Sherrod, but Mr. Wolfe may have taken on more than he can handle. During the time he was sending the data to the Congressman’s Twitter stream he was impersonating the Congressman. That means he is guilty of a felony. I would call what he did a hack, but others may see it as merely an “exploit”. If that is the case the stalker might not qualify for federal cyber crime charges.

Update; While Cannonfire did indeed discover a security flaw, Rep. Weiner confessed. What Jack Shafer said- Anthony Weiner’s Semantic Satiation

summer in tuscany wallpaper

It is a good thing I am not familiar with every wild ass conspiracy theory out there. It makes my day a little more interesting hearing about one, Was Abe Lincoln a Jewish pawn of the Rothschilds? – He freed the slaves, preserved the Union and pushed major banking reform. That last part still gets people upset

I discovered the usual mish-mash of fabricated quotes and wild anti-Semitic ravings. Maj. Gen. Count Cherep-Spiridovitch to the white courtesy telephone, please! One thing you discover quickly when googling the keywords “Rothschilds” and “Lincoln.” Blaming Jews for starting the Civil War has been a popular pastime for a long, long time. And I have to say: It certainly simplifies things to decide that Lincoln himself was just another rootless cosmopolitan in on the plot. Even if the “evidence” for this assertion is less than compelling.

But if you dig a little deeper on the specific accusation that the Rothschild motivation for starting the Civil War was to take over the U.S. banking system, you suddenly find yourself facing a set of concerns that are surprisingly close to the surface of contemporary political discourse involving the national debt and monetary policy.

Because Abe Lincoln didn’t just free the slaves and preserve the Union. He also ended the so-called “free banking” era, and established a national currency in which paper notes backed by the U.S. government were by law considered to be legal tender.

I know it seems as though i do something on the Civil War about once a week. It’s over. What’s the big deal. because many people are still fighting it in their own way. As Andrew Leonard points out you need look no further than the Pauls(son and dad) or the current crop of teatards in Congress to see very similar arguments about currency and economic policy play out. Libertarian Lew Rockwell has at least a couple posts up referring to that awful turn in American history – the presidency of that “statist” Abe Lincoln. Abe apparently sent the country down the road to socialism and we’ve never recovered.