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For some, designating crimes against certain classes of people as hate crimes is still debatable. You’ll have to get through a little history of some hate crimes of recent years and President Obama’s signing of  the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, before getting to this starling statistic, The Invisible Hate Crime

Hate crimes against people with disabilities are widespread and often involve extraordinary levels of sadism. The first step in combating these shameful incidents is an acknowledgment that they exist.

[  ]…Still, attacks on people with disabilities are often overlooked because many people are not aware of the extreme vulnerability to maltreatment that accompanies such disorders as cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, learning disabilities and mental illness — even though, according to anonymous victim accounts from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the 54 million Americans with disabilities experience serious violence at a rate nearly twice that of the general population. Their risk of being a victim of sexual assault is at least four times higher than that of people without disabilities. In 2008 alone, Americans with disabilities were victims of about 47,000 rapes, 79,000 robberies, 114,000 aggravated assaults and 476,000 simple assaults. Adding to the trauma of victimization, people with disabilities are much less likely than able-bodied victims to seek medical treatment for their injuries, often choosing, instead, to suffer in silence.

Over the years, police departments around the country have increased their sensitivity to hate crimes based on race, religion or sexual orientation, but they still may not recognize bias against disabilities as a motivation for an assault. For the year 2009, just 97 or about 1 percent of the 7,789 hate crimes recognized by the police in FBI data reportedly targeted people with disabilities. (Of that total, 72 reports were designated as anti-mental disability crimes, and 25 were anti-physical disability crimes).

The account of the torture and murder of Jennifer Daugherty was particularly disturbing. Trying to understand such abhorrent acts committed against a person without a mental or physical handicap is difficult enough. Revolting and sad beyond measure. Violence and sadistic behavior committed against someone like a 23-year-old man with learning disabilities in N.J. who just wanted to be friends with the people who tortured and almost succeeded in murdering him makes the violence all the more incomprehensible and repulsive.

serene early spring wallpaper

Asked If Bank Of America Paying Nothing In Corporate Taxes Is Fair, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) Responds: Taxes Are ‘Too High’. The taxes are just too damn high candidate, even if they are zero. Tim answers the question of how much profit is enough. There is never enough. Nor is there enough power that goes hand in hand with those profits. Hell, we should start paying corporations to exist and get out our astroturf prayer rugs and pray to them everyday. We already build their roads, protect the sea lanes for them, educate their employees from engineers to truck drivers. Corporate America already writes our legislation and controls most of the media. In the case of Exxon – who also paid no taxes, we even send off our moms and brothers to die for them.

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