odette’s autumn wallpaper, new reactor powered by sunlight produces fuels, sen. mike lee (r-ut) endorses soviet era child labor practices

odette’s autumn wallpaper

Not another cold fusion bit of alternative energy vapor ware, but an actual device that could save our buy stuff and more stuff or die trying culture, New Reactor Paves the Way for Efficiently Producing Fuel from Sunlight

The researchers designed and built a two-foot-tall prototype reactor that has a quartz window and a cavity that absorbs concentrated sunlight. The concentrator works “like the magnifying glass you used as a kid” to focus the sun’s rays, says Haile.

At the heart of the reactor is a cylindrical lining of ceria. Ceria—a metal oxide that is commonly embedded in the walls of self-cleaning ovens, where it catalyzes reactions that decompose food and other stuck-on gunk—propels the solar-driven reactions. The reactor takes advantage of ceria’s ability to “exhale” oxygen from its crystalline framework at very high temperatures and then “inhale” oxygen back in at lower temperatures.

“What is special about the material is that it doesn’t release all of the oxygen. That helps to leave the framework of the material intact as oxygen leaves,” Haile explains. “When we cool it back down, the material’s thermodynamically preferred state is to pull oxygen back into the structure.”

Specifically, the inhaled oxygen is stripped off of carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or water (H2O) gas molecules that are pumped into the reactor, producing carbon monoxide (CO) and/or hydrogen gas (H2). H2 can be used to fuel hydrogen fuel cells; CO, combined with H2, can be used to create synthetic gas, or “syngas,” which is the precursor to liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Adding other catalysts to the gas mixture, meanwhile, produces methane. And once the ceria is oxygenated to full capacity, it can be heated back up again, and the cycle can begin anew.

This break through was done by Dr. Sossina Haile, William Chueh and colleagues at the Califorina Instute of Technology. They created a proof of concept model with the help of Paul Scherrer Institute’s High-Flux Solar Simulator in Switzerland. It doesn’t do away with the problem of sequestering CO2, but in some cases a reactor might be placed at a manufacturing plant and use the CO2 as it is produced to make syngas or other portable fuels.

Remember Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) – who thinks that unfortunaetly child labor laws are unconstitutional. Conservatives have never been ones to let constitutional quackery go unrewarded, Republican Leadership Puts Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)On Senate Judiciary Committee

Placing Mike Lee in charge of overseeing the Constitution is a bit like putting Dick Cheney in charge of hunting and gun safety, yet the Senate GOP was so eager to put this radical tenther on the Judiciary Committee that it waived a rule prohibiting both of a state’s senators from serving on Judiciary in order to ensure Lee’s membership. Bizarrely, this move exposes a very real divide between Senate Republicans and the President. While President Obama’s State of the Union Address specifically highlighted “child labor laws” as an example of the kind of “commonsense safeguards” that all Americans can embrace, the Senate GOP apparently sees no problem with Lee’s view that federal child labor laws cannot constitutionally exist.

Where did Lee and his sycophants get their views on child labor. I cannot say for sure, but they could well have been inspired by Stalin and the Soviet Union, Forced Child Labor: The Soviet Legacy in Post-Soviet Central Asia

The use of forced child labor in the harvesting of cotton in Uzbekistan began in the Stalin era when the country was part of the Soviet Union. Since then students from schools and universities in Uzbekistan have been conscripted by local authorities for agricultural work. Uzbekistan’s independence ushered in little change: The coercive use of labor of children as young as 10 years of age continues today.

Despite the end of collective farming and the renewal of private farms, 1.5 to 2 million schoolchildren are sent by central and local governments for 2–3 months every autumn to the fields to pick cotton under hazardous conditions, which result in severe injuries to children and deprive them of their right to education.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is a Mormon. Is this political dogma and attitudes  part of their religious beliefs or just part of Lee’s bizarre concept of constitutional orginalism. Are there current or former Mormons, or Republicans, out there want to defend Lee’s ideological alignment with Soviet communism. If comparisons to Uzbekistan seem too harsh perhaps the conditions of good old England would be more appropriate, Child “hurriers” working in mines. From official report of the parliamentary commision.

Many children worked 16 hour days under atrocious conditions, as their elders did. Ineffective parliamentary acts to regulate the work of workhouse children in factories and cotton mills to 12 hours per day had been passed as early as 1802 and 1819. After radical agitation, notably in 1831, when “Short Time Committees” organized largely by Evangelicals began to demand a ten hour day, a royal commission established by the Whig government recommended in 1833 that children aged 11-18 be permitted to work a maximum of twelve hours per day; children 9-11 were allowed to work 8 hour days; and children under 9 were no longer permitted to work at all (children as young as 3 had been put to work previously). This act applied only to the textile industry, where children were put to work at the age of 5, and not to a host of other industries and occupations. Iron and coal mines (where children, again, both boys and girls, began work at age 5, and generally died before they were 25), gas works, shipyards, construction, match factories, nail factories, and the business of chimney sweeping, for example (which Blake would use as an emblem of the destruction of the innocent), where the exploitation of child labor was more extensive, was to be enforced in all of England by a total of four inspectors. After further radical agitation, another act in 1847 limited both adults and children to ten hours of work daily.

Gosh if only Lee, conservatives and libertarians like Rand Paul (R-KY) could turn back the clock to the good old days when children earned their way and we had whites only lunch counters, and didn’t have all this liberal interpretation of the Constitution.