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Kids, do try this at home. Have the unmitigated gull to take credit for some good that someone else did. Only do not be surprised since you live in the real world to suffer some loss of privileges for a week. And wage slaves, you try it too and see if anyone will ever have lunch with you again. That is if you still have a job,  Republicans: Job, Economic Growth The Result Of GOP Victories (VIDEO)

In December, the Department of Labor announced that unemployment had fallen from 9.7 percent to 9.4 percent. Its data suggests private sector job growth has been increasing since the fall. The GOP has controlled the House for just over two weeks, but has yet to enact any major economic legislation — and economists agree that even enacted fiscal policy will not be immediately reflected in economic growth.

Kyl is claiming the indicators such as unemployment are related to the tax and stimulus bill passed in December. That would be the bill passed by a House and Senate that both had a Democratic majority and signed into law by a Democratic president. By implication, Republicans who voted for TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), who were running away from it in the mid-term elections are now taking credit for the same program. They are also taking credit for the Obama-Democrats stimulus package ( American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009). As Brian Beutler notes this Republican version of reality does require a time machine. Either that or a public dumber than a bag of hammers.

montreal night skyline wallpaper

Texting Girl at Mall Falls into Fountain (video). At first thought it was marginally funny and then I felt sorry for her. She goes head first into that fountain and gets completely soaked. her cell phone might have been damaged. Some of her clothes and belongings ruined. Why can’t I just enjoy other people’s misfortunes. I’ll have to work on that.

This one I enjoyed and it does make some people look foolish so maybe I’m improving already, Two Girls Scale Border Fence In Under 20 Seconds (VIDEO). That fence was the Right’s easy answer to illegal border immigration. They just don’t do complexity.

Even if you leave out the Jared Loughner analysis this is an interesting correction of the impression many people have of Friedrich Nietzsche, Loughner’s Terrible Violence and His Misunderstanding of Nietzsche

To say that Nietzsche was a nihilist is to presuppose that he considered existence devoid of any and all meaning; by extension implying that Nietzsche considered life “chaotic” and individuals dominated by their respective wills to power could justifiably pursue the most heinous crimes in a God-less universe without fear of retribution.  However, this sort of dark and destructive interpretation would be a grave misunderstanding of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

Nietzsche was an affirmative thinker, one who endorsed the value of life and saw in humanity the potential to overcome the malaise of modernity in late nineteenth-century Europe.  The will to power was a constructive doctrine:  the conscious subjective striving to distinguish oneself as a unique individual, one who has overcome their most base instincts to create a sound moral system and achieve their true human potential.  The will to power was ultimately a means to self-control, not the infliction of pain on others.

It did not convert me to being a Nietzsche fan. Sartre and Camus, or Woody Allen for that matter all did or are stilling doing better at providing some insight into existentialism and the problems humanity faces in giving a life meaning. Meaning which is not dependent on invisible friends in the sky. Nietzsche’s concept of will to power is also scary, even if that scariness comes from decades of misinterpretation. To be clear, Nietzsche is not as scary as some of his misguided misinterpreting  followers. The Nazis and self-help charlatans will always haunt Nietzsche.