amber wheat wallpaper, sculpture garden may save reefs

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amber wheat wallpaper

Terrible headline but an interesting story – “Bodies” Make Up Fake Coral Reef

Just off the tourist mecca of Cancún lies the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. It stretches all the way south to Honduras and is second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

But like many reefs, it faces threats – from pollution and warming ocean temperatures and overfishing. Add to that the pressure of hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the area’s waters and the reef’s days could be numbered.

Jason Decaires Taylor is trying to help in a novel way – through art.

JASON DECAIRES TAYLOR, SCULPTOR: The sculptures are actually designed to become artificial reef units. The cement structure that you see behind me is actually a special kind of marine grade cement that’s engineered to attract corals so corals adhere to it, they grow, they make different formation. That in turn encourages fish and other marine life.”

His still ongoing project is sinking some 400 of these sculptures in nearly 30 feet of water. And in just a few months, the statues already attract a wide variety of life.

The sculptures are very life-like and deserving of a place in a museum in their own right. Thus a little disturbing to see men, women and children on the sea floor gathering coral polyps and phytoplankton. After watching the video for a few seconds and seeing the schools of fish feed off the growth that is beginning to cover the statues it becomes kind of peaceful, like watching the fish in a home aquarium. I think my blood pressure even went down a notch. The goal is for the human figure-coral reef to attract visitors in lieu of disturbing the natural reefs.

Even Bill Kristol Thinks Michele Bachmann (R-MN)’s Opposition To Raising The Debt Ceiling Is ‘Silly’ And ‘Irresponsible’. Bachmann got an extended puff piece by the morning news. The only thing missing was Meredith Vera licking Bachmann’s nose and wagging her tail. Conservative historian Bruce Bartlett explains why Tea Party thinking on national debt ceiling is “idiotic”

The U.S. Treasury is the gold standard and we have benefited enormously from this fact. Every time there is some disruption in the world financial markets, people flee to quality by buying Treasuries. As a result, we have benefited by not having to pay for the consequences of our own profligacy. Foreign central banks hold trillions of dollars of Treasuries as the backing for their own securities. The minute we introduce an element of doubt into their own minds about whether these debts will be paid, suddenly other alternative investments may start to look better to them, and we will lose market share, which will greatly increase the costs of borrowing over the long term. It’s the most monumental insanity that I can even imagine.

I really don’t think it makes a lot of sense to shoot ourselves in the foot, just to make an idiotic point about the debt being too large. If people really believe that, they should vote to increase taxes and cut spending, and thereby reduce the Treasury’s need to borrow.

While I appreciate Bartlet’s voice of sanity it may miss the point of what makes the extreme Right tick. They’re not responsible adults. Insanity is what carried the last election cycle and is at the heart of what makes the Right tick. Like everyone I have a little inner anarchist – that I generally keep locked down as part of the whole being a grown-up deal. You know that part that says screw it let them crash the economy and the ability of the Treasury to sell bonds. Then sit back and watch the crazies reap what they sow.

It is amazing in the light of outsourcing to private industry – Blackwater(Xe) and Halliburton and 1,931 private companies contracted to do security work for the feds – that the Right can demonize public employees – sanitation workers, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, social workers, water station workers, etc. They’re 2011’s official scapegoat of choice. These are the people whose work are an integral part of the infrastructure which literally allows modern civilization to exist so we can buy sh*t that makes a hand full of people very wealthy – The Shameful Attack on Public Employees

They say public employees earn far more than private-sector workers. That’s untrue when you take account of level of education. Matched by education, public sector workers actually earn less than their private-sector counterparts.

The Republican trick is to compare apples with oranges — the average wage of public employees with the average wage of all private-sector employees. But only 23 percent of private-sector employees have college degrees; 48 percent of government workers do. Teachers, social workers, public lawyers who bring companies to justice, government accountants who try to make sure money is spent as it should be – all need at least four years of college.

Many public employees get pensions – which conservatives hate – because they do not participate in Social Security. That piece of information would concern most people who do not want America’s street populated with poor elderly folks, but the same people who hate pensions also hate Social Security and think of seniors the same way Scrooge felt about the poor.

100 Stunning Examples Of Black And White Photography. Lots of good photos but I especially liked the one with a bird on a window ledge oblivious to the cat watching through the glass.

Man Survives Without Using Soap For 18 Months—Could You? I’m not a fan of the great unwashed masses trend. I assume this guy is at least rinsing off once in a while. Which is better than nothing – The Great Unwashed

Some people have long complained that showering too much makes their skin drier or more prone to flare-ups of, say, eczema, and Dr. Gallo said that scientists are just beginning to understand why. “It’s not just removing the lipids and oils on your skin that’s drying it out,” he said. It could be “removing some of the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy balance of skin.”

But Elaine Larson, a professor at the Columbia University School of Nursing with a Ph.D. in epidemiology, cautioned that subway riders, gymgoers and others who come into contact with many strangers should consider soaping up. “If it’s cold and flu season, you want to get rid of the stuff that isn’t a part of your own normal germs,” she said.

There are definitely some particles and liquids that remain on the body even after the most careful wiping. So I wonder how these people’s partners feel about skipping showers. Even a one minute rinse in a shower would knock off most of the worse stuff.

Private enterprise can do no wrong and don’t need no stink’n regulation  – Blunders Abounded Before Gulf Spill, Panel Says

The Deepwater Horizon blowout and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was an avoidable accident caused by a series of failures and blunders by the companies involved in drilling the well and the government regulators assigned to police them, the presidential panel named to study the accident has concluded.


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