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Republicans Hold 9/11 first responders and America Hostage for Billionaire Tax Break or  Stewart blames Republicans for ‘lame-as-f@#k Congress’. If you read or watch any of the incarnations of Sherlock Holmes and have some appreciation for the sinister twisted thinking of Dr, Moriarty than you can appreciate how conservatives think about what is just and fair and what is not,

One Republican that caught Stewart’s attention was Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming.

In a New York Daily News op-ed, Enzi complained that some of the previous money appropriated by Congress to help 9/11 first responders had gone missing.

Stewart noted that Enzi did support Iraq funding after the Pentagon announced $15 billion had mysteriously disappeared.

At the time, Enzi said, “This isn’t a perfect bill… The fact remains, however, that we need to fund our troops… so I will support the supplemental bill.”

Unless any of these guys are 9/11 responders and in that case, fuck those guys,” Stewart added.

How sad that America misunderstands the conservative mind. All those gears spinning, all those rats near dead from running in the circles of the Republican mind. When will the citizens of this nation understand that multimillionaires are working their asses off, their Gucci loafers filled with sweat, trying to make America the land of benevolent plantations. A place where EMTs, fire fighters, nurses and police officers know their place in the food chain. They should all be grateful their chivalrous overloads even let them work.

poverty in the USA

President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson greet members of the Tom Fletcher family and their friends. The Fletcher family of 8 children earned only $400 last year. Fletcher is an unemployed saw mill worker.  April 24, 1964″. When a conservative or right-wing libertarian sees a picture like this they blame the family. It was true in 1964 and true today. Conservative clown Michelle Malkin will even drive by and note your granite countertops, ah-ha, not really all that poor. Never would they pause to consider a honest working family wants to work and enjoys the pride that comes with supporting one’s family. They would never entertain the possibility there is some structural problem with a nation where working a forty hour week is not enough to live above the poverty line.

Over long haul, money doesn’t buy happiness: ‘Easterlin Paradox’ revisited

A new collaborative paper by economist Richard Easterlin — namesake of the “Easterlin Paradox” and founder of the field of happiness studies — offers the broadest range of evidence to date demonstrating that a higher rate of economic growth does not result in a greater increase of happiness.

Across a worldwide sample of 37 countries, rich and poor, ex-Communist and capitalist, Easterlin and his co-authors shows strikingly consistent results: over the long term, a sense of well-being within a country does not go up with income.

In contrast to shorter-term studies that have shown a correlation between income growth and happiness, this paper, to be published the week of Dec. 13 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, examined the happiness and income relationship in each country for an average of 22 years and at least ten years.

I still wonder if there is not a baseline at which a relative amount of prosperity is not required for happiness. A point at which basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care, and education must be meet to stay above feeling miserable. The study’s author Richard Easterlin dies hint at that,

“Where does this leave us? If economic growth is not the main route to greater happiness, what is?” Easterlin asks. “We may need to focus policy more directly on urgent personal concerns relating to things such as health and family life, rather than on the mere escalation of material goods.”

I’ve known people who live at poverty level and it always amazes me how much they take things in stride and keep a good sense of humor. And in America it is a cultural stigma to complain when you’re poor even as loud mouth millionaire pundits like Limbaugh and Beck whine for a living. Medicaid Cuts Hurt At The State Level

In Illinois, a pharmacist closes his business because of late Medicaid payments. In Arizona, a young father’s liver transplant is canceled because Medicaid suddenly won’t pay for it. In California, dentists pull teeth that could be saved because Medicaid doesn’t pay for root canals.

Across the country, state lawmakers have taken harsh actions to try to rein in the budget-busting costs of the health care program that serves 58 million poor and disabled Americans. Some states have cut payments to doctors, paid bills late and trimmed benefits such as insulin pumps, obesity surgery and hospice care.

Lawmakers are bracing for more work when they reconvene in January. Some states face multibillion-dollar deficits. Federal stimulus money for Medicaid is soon to evaporate. And Medicaid enrollment has never been higher because of job losses.

[  ]…Medicaid costs are shared by the federal and state governments. It’s not just the poor and disabled who benefit. Wealthier people do, too, such as when middle-class families with elderly parents in nursing homes are relieved of financial pressure after Medicaid starts picking up the bills.

Contrary to stereotype, it’s the elderly and disabled who cost nearly 70 cents of every Medicaid dollar, not the single mother and her children.

In California, Medicaid no longer pays for many adult dental services. But it still pays for extractions, that is, tooth-pulling. The unintended consequence: Medicaid patients tell dentists to pull teeth that could be saved.

“The roots are fine. The tooth could be saved with a root canal,” said Dr. Nagaraj Murthy, who practices in Compton, Calif. “I had a patient yesterday. I said we could do a root canal. He said, `No, it’s hurting. Go ahead and pull it. I don’t have the money.'”

Murthy recently pulled an elderly woman’s last tooth, but Medicaid no longer pays for dentures.

“Elderly patients suffer the most,” Murthy said. “They’re walking around with no teeth.”

They might want to just eat their soup and keep quiet otherise they could get a conservative drive by. Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter