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Casting our memories back to those hazy days of the summer and fall of 2010 wasn’t there a lot of talk of Constitutional originalism. Even on its face a flawed proposition since the Founders did not provide for equal rights or protection for women, slaves, native Americans or the poor. Now that so many of those colorful characters have been elected they seem to think originalism is so last month, Tea Party Nation Prez Wants to ‘Rewrite’ Constitution; Thinks Allowing Only Landowners to Vote ‘Makes Sense’

Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation, just loves the United States Constitution — except the parts he’d like to rewrite. Like Article III, for example, which establishes an appointed federal judiciary as a check against the occasional tyranny of the mob, and allows justices and judges the independence that comes from not having to suck up to corporate interests for campaign contributions, which is exactly what they’d have to do if they were elected officials, as Phillips thinks they should be.

The tea stains would also like to amend the Constitution so either only real estate property owners can vote – didn’t George Washington once say screw the renters or only people who pay federal income taxes have the right to vote. The later proposal will be difficult to square with repealing the 16th Amendment( the right of Congress to tax) which would than do away with anyone’s right to vote. So much for the new improved conservatism of the tea stains. Connecting voting rights to elite, preferably white  families was a wet dream of the old John Bircher right of the 1950s. Eric Cantor(R-Va) Urges ‘Open Mind’ On VA Legislature Plan To Blow Up The Constitution. Cantor would like to rewrite the Constitution so that it allows states to overturn or ignore federal laws they feel, depending on political wind direction, is not constitutional. Why he thinks this will benefit conservatives rather than liberals is questionable. That aside, while Jefferson and Madison both floated this idea at one point ( officially called Constitutional nullification) it was never written into the Constitution. Thus would require the addition of an amendment. It might be fun in a train wreck kind of way to watch conservatives and right-wing libertarians spend billions getting such an amendment ratified. For a group of people big on signage and t-shirts espousing the glories of freedom their actual agenda is about anything but.

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black and white city rush wallpaper

Top of the crops: cabbages in art

A few years later, Gulley Jimson, the painter hero of Joyce Cary’s novel The Horse’s Mouth, paid another tribute: Jimson decides a mural is incomplete without a cabbage patch. After all, he thinks, “curly kale, as a work of the imagination, beats Shakespeare”.

The roots of this fascination go right back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who attributed special powers to the vegetable. The Romans venerated the life-giving properties of cabbage such that a whole branch of medicine grew up around it. Cabbage leaves were placed on wounds; cabbage juice was mixed with honey to salve the eyes. Above all, cabbage protected against the effects of alcohol. If eaten in great quantities before a feast, there would be no hangover. The cabbage, then, was the ancient licence for excess.

I did a cabbage wallpaper for what it’s worth. Cabbage  – head like – probably would top the list of vegetables people would feel most comfortable talking to. To be in the same room while it is being boiled is another matter.

Jacksonville store clerk fired after helping police catch robber

Anger replaced Keith Ireland’s fear as the Jacksonville store clerk watched a knife-wielding robber rip the cash register from the counter of his Southside Hess store in late October.

Ireland, who’d run outside after fighting off the robber, returned and threw a 2-liter bottle of Coke at the man as he headed out the door. Ireland went into the parking lot, got a partial license number of the turquoise getaway truck and called 911.

Police quickly spotted the truck and caught the suspect, a felon, after a predawn chase that ended in Riverside.

A previous performance evaluation of Ireland said he was to be commended for looking out for Hess best interests. A feeling not reciprocated apparently. Ireland was making all of $7.50-an-hour.

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