portrait of madame hessel by edouard vuillard, than socialism and conservatism must be similar

Portrait of Madame by Hessel Edouard Vuillard, 1905


Lucie Hessel was the wife of Vuillard’s art dealer Jos Hessel. He found her combination of moods and strong personality interesting enough to paint her multiple times over the course of forty years.

Turning the tables on art-historical tradition, more women artists are depicting the naked male body

In thinking about women’s prospects in the arts over the past half century, I realize we’ve indeed come a long way from the stereotype of the active male artist and the passive female muse—men looking at women and women looking at themselves being looked at. Given women’s greater autonomy in general and in sexual matters in particular, it should be payback time, a chance for the woman artist’s gaze to linger on the naked male body as a source of esthetic delight and desire. Yet, “nude” remains virtually synonymous with the female body.

Part of what modern art credits do is project modern sensibilities into interpretations. While such criticisms can range from dry to pathological to imaginative insights into creativity, they are also often projections. Mind reading only exists in what we imagine others thinking. To say all male artists see females subjects as passive is an over used and stereotypical projection itself. Within the context of a body of work and knowledge of the artist’s life some of those projections do have fairly solid foundations. While others none at all. That can be proven anyway. Male artists, as M’s Wei acknowledges, have also painted a canon of male nudes. Whether classical or modern some of those male nudes have been highly eroticised. They’ve certainly been explicit and dare we say it, occasionally exploitative. The artistic process likely a combination of satiating the fantasies of the artists and the purely platonic love of line and form. Thankfully Wei gives women artists credit for often portraying the male figure as a mystery, unexplored territory. Something one longs for and has trepidations. Sometimes they are merely an excuse to for interesting brushwork and lush colors. A body is as good as an autumn tree. There is, as has been the traditions in some of their male counterparts, the female revenge fantasy. The sexes use and abuse themselves and each other, thus exploration of the that territory is nearly an obligation for the figure painter.

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