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A Tale of Modern Civilization

It was a truly magical epoch. All conservatives and right-wing libertarians were great thinkers. Every one who disagreed with them was a unbathed liberals, a statist, a commie and obviously dumber than either of those dumb guys in that epic movie about dumb guys. No other political scientists, natural scientists or philosophers could match their magnificent brain power. Conservatives and libertarians through some power known only to the privileged few knew so much about how things worked in the universe. They published many papers about the feelings which had been divined to them. These were special feelings. The kind of feelings which imparted inerrant knowledge absorbed through the natural ethereal airs that surrounds us. They required no formal learning. They had no need for rational empirical methods that one hears of in ancient legends about thinking humans and enlightened thought. They seemed to have an abundance of knowledge in sophism, but that was probably coincidence rather than careful study. After all they were always thinking. And thinking some more. If one squinted you could almost see those gold-plated gears turn.

Although they were the natural leaders of the world, not everyone had the wisdom to be their obedient followers. While conservatives and libertarians possessed god-like patience and understanding, they felt a bit betrayed by the failure of everyone to see their perfection. The more they wrote, the more they talked these conservative plutocrats would sometimes be overcome by anger and melancholy at the ignorance and lack of reverence at their greatness. While in many respects they had all the outward appearances of fascists, communists and other flavors of totalitarianism, except with the holy corporate collective as their moral epicenter, they were darn positive they were the sparkling new and improved antidote to everything which ails society.  They realized the need to shovel out their unique wisdom 24 hours a day seven days a week. It was this among other insights which mankind should be eternally grateful – besides the substance of their brilliant beliefs their epiphany about hammering in their shrill message is cherished by those who study communication.
There were times, such as now when the plutocrats, misogynists, racists, oligopolists and holy rollers that comprised pure righteous conservativatisim dominated every facet of American society. Being perfect and perfectionists that was not enough. All the world’s pebbles had to be smoother and all the world’s second smartest people ( those who thought with their brain and not their gut) needed to learn to shut up and just believe.

It is only the non-greedy who think they have enough and enough power. Enough is never enough for conservatives and libertarians. They heard there were still lighted crosswalks, scientific studies and conclusions ruled by logic – all very dangerous stuff that must be stopped or overwhelmed by the shrill noise of the plutocracy.

One day in autumn some people noticed some apples fall from a tree. They suggested a force called gravity might be the cause. The true believers had these liberal commie statist elitists  thrown into labor camps. When will people learn that beliefs and money are what makes apples fall.

Once the plutocrats found someone doing something just for the joy of doing it, and someone else who felt she did not live in a vacuum so owed a debt to the commons and someone else who refused to worship the mercantilists because they said the mercantilists could not make a profit without them. Those trouble makers are now rightfully assigned to the foot notes of the great history of the true believers. Moral of the story, be great, just believe.

Phil is a true believer – Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey (GA)  Ignores Promise To Reduce Government Waste By Fighting For Defense Program The DoD Doesn’t Want

Glenn Beck is a high priest of things truer than true – Glenn Beck’s Dishonest and Hate Filled Crusade Against George Soros

Rand Paul(R-KY) drips with the holey righteous knowledge upon which great civilizations are founded – In Tense Interview With Spitzer, Rand Paul Can’t Name Specific Cut To Balance Budget

One of the great true believers of our time –  Delusion Points, Don’t fall for the nostalgia — George W. Bush’s foreign policy really was that bad.

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A review of A World on Fire: An Epic History of Two Nations Divided By Amanda Foreman. A history of the British involvement in the Civil War.

When war broke out in 1861, after the Southern states had seceded from the Union and formed their own Confederacy (chiefly to prevent the North from abolishing slavery), Britain’s instinct was to stay on the sidelines. But two developments made this increasingly unlikely: the federal government’s blockade of Southern ports, thus preventing the export of raw cotton to Britain’s vital weaving industry in Lancashire; and the Senate’s passing of a protectionist bill that placed high import duties on most imported manufacturing goods (the majority of which came from Britain).

Lyons’s unequivocal response was to threaten to recognise the Confederacy, thus granting the South the status of a sovereign country, a step towards full independence.

Even though the British had outlawed slavery in 1833 it is amazing that a lobby of cotton importers were willing to overlook slavery in order to maintain an uninterrupted supply of the fabric that was making them rich. An 800 page history book. That means only true history buffs will probably read it. The review is worth reading to see how some American bluster may have saved the Union.

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