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one autumn tree wallpaper

I’ve corrected part of a speech Christine O’Donnell once made, “There is a fundamental flaw with socialism conservative corporatism that makes it never work,” she explained. “And the fundamental flaw in socialism conservative corporatism is that it reduces the human being to a cog in the wheel. … Under a socialist conservative corporatism economy, the people exist to empower the government. It should be the other way around: A government should exist to empower and protect the people.”

Like most conservatives and libertarians her take on the perils of socialism coils so far back in reaction that she subscribes to putting one’s blind faith in the business sector as an antidote. Whether they are working at the Department of Defense or Exxon, people tend to have the same faults. There is little reason to have more confidence in the CEO of BP than the average U.S. Congressional representative. The representative can be held accountable via elections and does feel the burden of some accountability. CEO’s of America’s biggest corporations are generally amoral. They feel some responsibility to their stock holders, most are captives of greed and guided by strict materialism. There is very little downside for Goldman-Sachs to act unethically or to act against the public interests other than laws which, up to a point, compel them to act. O’Donnell suffers from  typical  conservative tunnel vision where corporations are worthy actors into which the public can trust their futures and run our lives, but any attempt by government to reign in business’s worse excesses put us on the road to tyrannical socialism. It is possible to corral the excesses of government and business while simultaneously encouraging a moral philosophy in government. One which can live up to its egalitarian ideals and business can flourish. Business and government cannot exists for long without each other – only the extreme right (like O’Donnell) and left – believe otherwise. You don’t have to be a political junkie to see government excesses or the excesses of businesses – Corporate bosses are whining, even though they’re reporting record profits, but Poverty rate highest since 1994, income gap increasing.