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Ancient Viral Invasion Shaped Human Genome

The study provides definitive proof of a theory that was first proposed in the 1950s by Nobel Laureate in physiology and medicine, Barbara McClintock, who hypothesized that transposable elements, mobile pieces of the genetic material (DNA), such as viral sequences, could be “control elements” that affect gene regulation once inserted in the genome.

This finding is an important contribution to the advancement of stem cell research and to its potential for regenerative medicine. Led by GIS Senior Group Leader Dr Guillaume Bourque, the study was published in Nature Genetics on June 6, 2010.

The medical potential for the discovery some transposable elements of DNA could help aid in the discovery of medical treatments for generating new tissue or organs destroyed by cancer or injury is remarkable. Though, also remarkable because it is one of those miraculous results of serendipity where viruses have left the human genome with these tranposoable elements which carry binding sites for regulatory elements to new locations. The power of DNA or “junk DNA” to perform such tasks has been thought by many scientists to be responsible for evolutionary speciation.

wet leaves autumn wallpaper

Christine O’Donnell’s 1996 Anti-Masturbation Campaign On MTV’s ‘Sex In The 90s’ (VIDEO). I’ve always wondered about political stances like this as public policy prescriptions. Once crowned all powerful queen of the USA, will O’Donnell send out the self pleasuring police. Prosecute the evil masturbators and send them to jail. Or perhaps rounded up and put in reeducation camps where they’ll learn the virtues of sexual stress. This must be some of that conservative freedom and liberty we hear so much about. Thus far this month we’ve had conservatives plead to the gods of big gov’mint to create some gaping exceptions to the 1st Amendment and to regulate wanking. In the last part of the video she expresses concern that the man in her life would masturbate and “where would that leave her”. Which I take to mean she doesn’t think men should waste good wood on a fantasy. She may have a point but that’s why Pfizer makes Viagra. You know just in case there are two options on any given day.

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