einstein’s equivalence principle challenged, pond leaves autumn wallpaper, supreme court justice wife seems to advocate violence

According to Einstein’s equivalence principle no matter where you are in the universe or universes, the laws of physics apply and are the same. The math proofs for a theory claiming otherwise are still causing some concern among physicists, but something interesting to think about in the mean time – Laws of physics may change across the universe

New evidence supports the idea that we live in an area of the universe that is “just right” for our existence. The controversial finding comes from an observation that one of the constants of nature appears to be different in different parts of the cosmos.

So on the outer edges of what these researchers describe as being like a big bar magnet are dipoles. This dipole forms an axis. Earth or more likely our part of the universe, is in between these dipoles. In these dipoles energy and matter is such stars can give off carbon which makes life possible. Increase the alpha by just a bit and no carbon, thus no life. One thing remains clear. These scientist measured the light from distant galaxies called quasars that are 12 billion years old. That is difficult to square with literal interpretations of old creation mythologies.

pond leaves autumn wallpaper

Ginni Thomas is the wife of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. For Tea Party, Ginni Thomas stirs the pot

“Everyday citizens can make a difference,” Ginni Thomas told the crowd in D.C. “It’s not the elitist rulers.”

Thomas seems to love this kind of gig. Earlier this month, she turned up at the Dallas Tea Party gathering. In the video above, she bounds on to the stage at about minute two, wearing a styrofoam Lady Liberty crown and pitching her website, Liberty Central.

“Can I just tell you, if something happens in Washington, my husband and I are heading to Texas,” Thomas says. At least we’ll know where to find him.

That could be the the verbal gaffe that made history. The wife of a SCJ speaking to a rally of tea nuts inferring that if the mid-term elections do not go the way they would like the ensuing mob violence by disappointed tea nuts would make her and her family move. The other concern that I have is almost quaint by comparison. Mrs. Thomas clearly advocates an ideology  – one that is very nationalistic and has a questionable agenda. One of the items on that agenda is to repeal  health care reform. Currently tea stained conservatives are trying to challenge its constitutionality. That would seem to present a conflict of interest for Justice Thomas if such a case should make it all the way to the SCOTUS. Many of the tea bagger candidates have also advocated for the end of Social Security and unemployment insurance. Will Thomas also recuse himself from those cases. A violent revolution by conservative zealots may make my second concern moot.