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Professor Stephen Hawking has a new book coming out co-written with US physicist Leonard Mlodinow called The Grand Design and recently said,

He adds: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.

“Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.

“It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”
‘Eyes of faith’

The web site Christian Newswire, a site affiliated with WorldNutDaily replied, Is Stephen Hawking’s New Book Science or Science Fiction

Scientists can no longer rationally deny (in Hawkings own words) that “the laws of our particular universe are extraordinarily finely tuned so as to allow for our existence,” but they refuse to invoke God as a possible explanation, so multiverses are begged as a “rescuing device.” Dr. Jason Lisle defines a rescuing device as “a conjecture designed to save a person’s view from apparently contrary evidence (‘The Ultimate Proof of Creation’, p.22-25). Lisle notes “people can always invoke the unknown” when faced with a conclusion they don’t like: in this case, God Himself as Creator and First Cause.

If we’re in Kansas and I ask you the time as the sun blazes in the southwestern sky and you say you don’t know than I can say 3am. Because your lack of knowing allows a gap in knowledge which I can fill in with any time I like. Well at least that is what Christian Newswire says we can do. Not dogs, but this logical fallacy, has been the fundamentalist best friend for centuries. Can’t find the missing link? Evolution must be wrong. Scientists find more missing links every year. The gap gets smaller and smaller. Someone is going to need to lose a lot of weight to fit through the remaining gaps. “Multiverses” have only been proposed as a possibility – research continues. Scientists have not used them as rescuing devices. The authors seem confused between some science fiction they have heard about and some intellectual debate about the issues which remain in quantum theory.  Quoting from a book that says there is an omnipotent old man wearing a white sheet and has a long gray bread is only proof that someone had enough imagination to conceive of such a thing. The only science fiction in this debate is CN’s primitive concept of a god. If an omnipotent god exists than he could make a duplicate of himself. That would mean the possibility of two gods being omnipotent. You cannot be omnipotent if someone else is also. If this omnipotent god could not make a duplicate of himself he is than not omnipotent. Thus an omnipotent creator is a logical impossibility. That being said rather than a conscience being we might consider a force – a kind of blind watchmaker force – that created existence. This god – though force is a better term – is physics mixed with a dash of metaphysics. A few years ago Wired got together with some scientists to talk about gods and existence. Why we or the universe even exists is an interesting topic for discussion. We’re not going to get any worth while contributions from the WorldNutDaily crowd. In an under appreciated Ryan Reynolds movie called The Nines they premised the movie on a variant of the existence question – why would an omnipotent creator, or in this case group of creators, create humans. Apparently, and understandably, because they would get bored being gods. We do, sometimes, make for an interesting species.

dirt road australia wallpaper

Maybe corporate America is not creating jobs because there is no incentive to do so. CEO Crybabies – Corporate bosses are whining, even though they’re reporting record profits.

Why is corporate America doing well when so many powerful forces seem to be arrayed against it? Some sectors are benefiting from government policy. Banks are profiting from low interest rates and the ongoing federal subsidies and guarantees. Even as the industry squawks loudly about demonization and tough regulation, banks just reported their best quarter results in three years, according to the FDIC.

But CEOs deserve most of the credit for this turnaround. When the economy slowed dramatically in late 2008 and early 2009, they prepared for Armageddon: They slashed costs, restructured, made cold and swift decisions, and relentlessly pursued productivity and efficiency. The result: America’s CEOs collectively re-engineered their businesses so they could produce profits with a lower volume of business. They’ve also continued—and intensified—their long-standing practice of beating the living daylights out of America’s labor force. Despite Democratic control of Washington, labor has never been weaker.

Oh well then. As long as the amoral measure of corporate profits remains high screw the people who make wealth possible.