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The concept of life arising from the primordial ooze used to be popular. Variations on the phrase is easily found in biology texts. Life, or more accurately chemical precursors to life, probably came out of damp mud. Chemicals generally prefer a downward sloped stroll when it comes to bonding and staying bonded. Molecules prefer not to expend too much energy in forming bonds – just like some people we know. Mud offers a nice substrate for molecules to find each other. Helen Hansma of the University of California, Santa Barbara has shifted from mud to mica. Not a long step considering mica’s properties – Secret of Life on Earth May Be as Simple as What Happens Between the Sheets — Mica Sheets, That Is

Mica chunks embedded in rocks could have provided the right physical and chemical environment for pre-life molecules and developing cells because:

1. Mica compartments could have held, protected and sheltered molecules, and thereby promoted their survival. Also, mica could have provided enough isolation for molecules to evolve without being disturbed and still allow molecules to migrate towards one another and eventually bond together to form large organic molecules. And mica compartments may have provided something akin to a template for the production of a life form composed of compartments, which are now known as cells.
2. Mica sheets are held together by potassium. If high levels of potassium were donated by mica sheets to developing cells, the high levels of potassium found in mica sheets could account for the high levels of potassium currently found in human cells.
3. Mica chunks embedded in rocks that were sitting in an early ocean would have received an endless supply of energy from waves, the sun, and the occasional sloshing of water into the spaces between the mica sheets. This energy could have pushed the mica sheets into up-and-down motions that could have pushed together molecules sitting between mica sheets, thereby enabling them to bond together.

Because mica surfaces are hospitable to living cells and to all the major classes of large biological molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and fats, the “between the sheets” mica hypothesis is consistent with other well-known hypotheses that propose that life originated as RNA, fatty vesicles or primitive metabolisms.

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I’m America, and I’m Tired

Andrew McCarthy, one of the dependable frothers over at what experts call “American’s Shittiest Website ( national Review On-Line),” has some indignant things to say about Islam and Islamists–and in so doing, he has deeply insulted both me and America.

[   ]…Most of all, Americans are tired of the shroud of political correctness the ruling class has placed around Islam. We don’t object to anyone’s freedom of conscience, and we abide countless places for Muslims to gather and worship even though we know a very high percentage of the Islamic centers and mosques are heavily influenced by Islamists. But we’re tired of being told things that aren’t true: e.g., that Islam is peaceful, tolerant and non-threatening; that sharia — which is relentlessly authoritarian, discriminatory, and, in parts, savage — is something we need to accommodate; and that there is no connection between Islamic doctrine (which is supremacist and belligerent), Islamist terror, and the broader Islamist threat to our civilization. We’re tired of being told that people who can’t bring themselves to condemn Hamas are “moderates” deserving of being taken seriously and having their endless grievances against America addressed. And we’re tired of being told that we shouldn’t examine or object to an authoritarian ideology just because it travels under the label of “religion.” ( from McCarthy’s column)

[   ]…Granted, like McCarthy, I–like all Americans–am weary and tired. But we Americans aren’t tired of Islamists. We’re tired of Andrew McCarthy. We’re tired of places like National Review Online publishing nonsense like the above-quoted. We’re tired of the Republican Party and its nihilistic obstructionism. We’re tired of transparent liars, frauds, mutants, and grifters like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh being taken seriously by anyone except giggling children. We’re tired of Fox “News” and its daily spew of propaganda and race-based alarmism. We’re tired of the screaming Tea Baggist idiots, with their silly Colonial dress-up and their misspelled signs, and the cretinous religiosity of Sharon Angle being accorded serious media consideration. We’re tired of John Boehner’s tan and Mitch McConnell’s hideously smooth face.

If nothing else the public bed wetting by McCarthy and his coven of adult diaper wearers is tiresome. Ellis Weiner mentions the long history of tyranny by the Catholic Church but the comparisons are endless. There are few civilizations or religions, if any, they emerge from history without the taint of death and tyranny. Mark Twain was thinking of people like McCarthy when he wrote, “The soul and substance of what customarily ranks as patriotism is moral cowardice and always has been – 1908.” Patriotism is a fine concept until the keyboard cowards like McCarthy hijack to hide their eliminationism. Sadly, No! makes the point by substituting Jew, Judaism and Zionism everywhere McCarthy writes Islam or Islam-ism, Die Vereinigten Staaten von Arabien. McCarthy’s speech is remarkable in its similarity to Nazi eliminationism, “The racial question & world propaganda” Nuremberg Rally 1933 by Joseph Goebbels

Richard Wagner once called the Jews the “plastic demon of decomposition” and Theodor Mommsen meant the same when he saw them as the “ferment of decomposition.” In contrast, the Aryan sees himself as a creative creature. There may be a certain tragedy inherent in the nature of the Jews, but is it our fault that this race works destructively among the peoples and is a constant danger to their domestic and international security?

The fundamental differences between the two races were responsible for the repeated explosions during the November years [1918-1933]. As long as the Jews remain anonymous, they are secure. The moment they lose their anonymity, the racial problem became acute and required a suitable solution. We certainly do not hold the Jews solely to blame for the German spiritual and economic catastrophe. We all know the other causes that led to the decline of our people. However, we have the courage to recognize their role in the process, and to name them by name. It was difficult for a time to persuade the people of this, for public opinion was entirely in Jewish hands.

[  ]…Many clever Jews have already realized what they have done, above all to those remaining in Germany, who were the most directly affected. They shouted their warnings. But they could not overcome the radical wing, and in the end had to let things take their course for better or worse. This radical wing has delivered an extraordinarily hard blow to World Jewry and its allies. They put the Jewish Problem up for debate, and where it is debated the results can only be unpleasant. Jewry’s strength is in its anonymity; if it loses that, the results can only be harmful.

The recent Zionist Conference in Paris shows the hopeless situation World Jewry has been driven into by its radical wing. When one of the various Jewish groups is no longer united, when there are only fruitless debates, it is a sign that Jewish power is on shaky ground. That is already beginning to have consequences for Jewry.

These events reveal the racial problem in all its difficulty. It will not fade away until Europe’s peoples solve it. It will be solved when the people for their own good do what is necessary for their security.

There are over a billion Muslim in the world. Most of that population is in Asia, not the Middle-East. If even half picked up a brick bat and a can of gasoline  McCarthy would have something to really fear. 3000 Americans will die this year, murdered by their fellow Americans. About 74% of those murders will be committed by a friend, relative or acquaintance of the victim, not a stranger, much less a stranger wearing a burqa. When conservatives go on a killing rampage the usual response is that it’s just a few bad apples – a not completely unreasonable argument. Though it is bizarre how the bad apples argument provides ample ideological cover for the extreme Right, but not for Islam.