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8 Theories on Why College Kids Are Studying Less. I wish they would not have used the word kids since the age of the average college student is well into their twenties. Kids from the perspective of a senior citizen perhaps..

Modern Technology Not to Blame  The Boston Globe’s Keith O’Brien says the study leaders don’t think so. “The easy culprits — the allure of the Internet (Facebook!), the advent of new technologies (dude, what’s a card catalog?), and the changing demographics of college campuses — don’t appear to be driving the change, Babcock and Marks found.” Why so sure? “According to their research, the greatest decline in student studying took place before computers swept through colleges: Between 1961 and 1981, study times fell from 24.4 to 16.8 hours per week (and then, ultimately, to 14).”

The first one they list is professor apathy. That’s a possibility, but what I found was the expectations of many students do not prepare them for college. They expect it to be like high school where a teacher will give them grief in addition to a bad grade for assignments not turned in or not studying enough for a test. College professors do not see themselves in that baby-sitter type role. You don’t do the work, you don’t get the grade.

Some of the rest are taken via comments at another site from mostly students and a few professors. I would agree that adjunct professors have seemed to increased and they are generally not great teachers and lack the enthusiasm that gets students motivated. Still, that is an excuse, not a very good reason. A-ha, the internet saves research time, so fewer hours required. For the general population we’re less informed than ever despite the growth of the net and the new resources makes available. It might be true for some students, but the net as time saver is probably not the primary reason study time has decreased for most students.

ocean inlet rocks wallpaper

Angle Says Pregnant Rape Victims Should Turn a “Lemon Situation Into Lemonade”

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle has been pretty vocal on her views on opposing abortion even in cases of rape and incest.  Earlier she spoke that babies conceived out of rape needed to be birthed as we couldn’t understand God’s plan for them.

Now she has gotten even quainter, telling rape victims they should “make lemons out of lemonade,”

Angle is of the Calvinist position that everything which happens is by divine direction. Which would include incest and rape. Even those both of those are sins. Angle’s is the extreme view, even among most faithful Christians that one has no free will. Like most Calvinists Angle likely also has a head full of exceptions and the rationale to go with them. That said, Angle is part Arminianist who believes in the  right of the father-relative-rapist right to exercise their free will. One cannot approach these positions from a foundation of pure logic because they are contradictory. Angle is middle-aged and thus has been a thinking adult with enough life experience and time to contemplate her values, so she does not deserve any excuse by way of ignorance of the implications of her beliefs. If one believes, as is western civilization’s enlightened ideal, each person has autonomy over their own person and anther’s personal beliefs end where your physical body starts than Angle is a proponent of sadism and torture. Maybe Angle should study a bit more on the normative consequences of what she believes. As tough as morality and ethics are, they should not be a buffet table from watch Angle can blindly and wildly pick positions without regard for those she would make victim to them.