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Do Americans Really Want to Cut the Deficit?

Andy notes this post by Ben Somberg, who is fussing at the Washington Post for this paragraph:

If Congress doesn’t provide additional stimulus spending, economists inside and outside the administration warn that the nation risks a prolonged period of high unemployment or, more frightening, a descent back into recession. But a competing threat — the exploding federal budget deficit — seems to be resonating more powerfully in Congress and among voters.

Somberg objects to “among voters,” citing numerous polls showing that the public prioritizes the economy and jobs over the deficit. He is correct. You can peruse some data here. So the first point is: Americans are concerned about the deficit, but not that concerned.

Like ants to jelly it was inevitable that post would attract an always cut taxes troll. Yea, sure it says that a simple majority of the public is fairly rational, understanding the trade offs would prefer spending for job creation over deficit reduction or cutting taxes. But when you limit peoples options on a poll of course you get people making that choice. Like rational numbers let’s just use the rational choices. Increase taxes and spending, decrease both, increase taxes and decrease spending or decrease taxes and increase spending ( the last choice is the one conservatives made from 2000 to 2008). Proper rules of golf and all you can’t throw in another variable  – say free car washes and lower taxes – just because the poll does not say what one would like. We could have an irrational choice like disbanding the United States of America, doing away with the federal government, and trade that for a loose confederation of states i.e. fifty little countries, otherwise known as a tenther’s wet dream. Red states countries would be in a predicament seeing that they receive more federal aid per capita than blue states. It’s easy to talk the talk, not so easy to pay for it.

dry and cracked wallpaper

(Video) The Whitest Kids U’Know – Clint Webb for Senate. He has a wife, a child, a dog and is a sociopathic narcissist. Pull that lever.

Fox News is BP oil spill misinformation clearinghouse – Myths and falsehoods on the Gulf oil spill

Media Matters for America has compiled a list of myths and falsehoods about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, all of which have been pushed by Fox News.

Fox News’ staunch defense of BP

Myth: Obama waited weeks before responding to the oil spill

Myth: Moratorium is not needed because oil companies are equipped to handle spill

Myth: BP was only drilling “out there” because environmentalists and the federal government “made them” do it

Myth: Obama, unlike Bush, “was off on vacation” during crisis

Myth: “Ridiculous” and “offensive” to blame Bush for spills

Myth: Obama is the “single largest recipient of BP’s cash”

Myth: Obama admin turning away foreign aid by refusing to waive union-supported Jones Act

Myth: Obama admin defied Constitution when they “told” BP to create escrow account

Myth: Obama admin unreasonably delayed purchase of Maine company’s oil boom

Myth: Obama unnecessarily delayed berm plan

Myth: Coast Guard docked oil-collecting barges for no good reason

I thought the Jones Act myth was clever. It was a twofer, a jab at Obama and unions. As much as I appreciate MM’s research the myth believers generally suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome. Thus any facts will face a wall of rigid mental denial able withstand the onslaught of any new information. If only we could coat our cars in that stuff. Think of the lives saved.