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This is from an article/book review of  What Women Want: The Global Marketplace Turns Female Friendly,    Liberation Impasse – Taking ambivalent measure of the legacy of modern feminism

Third-wave feminism was at its most compelling in its gamesome, confident presentation of the young female body—SLUT scrawled across the stomach; the combination of combat boots and baby-doll dresses. Baumgardner and Richards made the now-familiar case that women and girls can participate in consumer culture without becoming its victims. Barbie can be a figure on whom you practice giving abortions rather than a demon unleashed on the marketplace to sprinkle anorexia dust on infant girls. The market culture that envelops girls is theirs to manipulate and reclaim; it is, in the end, their culture, and it’s wrong to pretend they’ll be more whole without it.

This might be unfair in that I have nothing in particular to say or rather share about the passage. And those that want to read the whole – lengthy – article will have to register. There is a lot on the history of women’s cultural progress that leads up to the block quote.

rolled wheat and spring sky wallpaper

Texas is right: We should teach kids about Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy. But let’s tell the whole story

Let Texas schoolchildren, as well, read the Confederate Constitution. It is surely the most bizarre constitution ever adopted. It is a copy of the U.S. Constitution, rewritten to cripple the central government. The Confederate Constitution bans the government of the new federation from spending money on infrastructure, with a few exceptions like harbors and lighthouses, and prevents the new government of the South from fostering industry.

With a central government that was deliberately weakened at its formation, how did the Confederacy expect to prevail in a war against the forces of the Union? The answer is that the rich oligarchy of slave lords who ruled the South hoped that the British empire would intervene to secure their region’s independence, just as France had intervened in the American Revolution to help the United States win its independence from Britain.

When the British declined the offer, the geniuses in charge of the Confederacy realized that they would have to win their independence with their own resources. This was no easy thing to do in a wannabe country that prided itself on its absence of factories and banks. But they tried anyway. They threw libertarianism overboard and mobilized for war. They instituted a draft. They passed an income tax and inflated the currency to push citizens into higher brackets. Lacking a native Southern capitalist class, they put generals and colonels in charge of government-owned factories and munitions plants.

I have actually read the entire “Text of Proposed Revisions to 19 TAC, Chapter 113. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies, Subchapter B. Middle School” (21 pages), or at least what part was published on-line a few weeks ago. In the abstract it’s not a bad set of goals. Like all such publications by school broads easier said than done. The writing and research requirements are near sophomore college level. The problem is much like what the far Right has done with modern political ideology – which includes a lot of revisionist history – is to mainstream abhorrent political points of view. Points of view, such as those of the Confederacy, as being simply a reasonable choice that one could make, but for gee, who really knows why, the forces of northern aggression got its way. As Lind notes they are not going to teach the truth about the Antebellum south, they’re going to let the students peddle around with it and cross your fingers fans of Lincoln, they’ll come to the only sensible conclusion. That scent in the air hanging over Texas is the smell of far Right moral relativism courtesy the school board.


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Some current news that is funny or dark, or both. Arizona ‘BUYcott’ organizer: ‘ID-ing everybody’ will make the ‘illegal criminals disappear like cockroaches.’ It is wrong for people to be in the U.S. illegally. The rule of law and all. The problem with laws like Arizona’s is it places an extraordinary amount of pressure on law enforcement to carry out extra duties for which they do not have adequate manpower or technical resources ( plus it puts every citizen in the position of having to prove their citizenship. Could you do that if you were stopped for a traffic violation today.) The state or at least those running it feel that it is fine to create what amounts to an unfunded mandate to the federal government which is supposed to make up for this short fall in state resources. States have never had the constitutional authority to force the federal government to carry out state laws, much less unfunded ones. So that rule of law stuff swings both ways as it were. Arizona’s general attitude will likely come at a price. At the cost of about $26.4 billion in economic activity and the loss of 140,324 jobs. One language we all speak in the U.S.A. is money.

Tony Perkins: DADT Repeal Would Open Doors To Disease-Ridden Homosexuals, Force Christians Out – Perkins argues that repealing DADT would usher in an unconstitutional “left-wing social dogma” (emphasis mine). Are right-wing social conservatives incapable of distinguishing between the dancing unicorns in their head and knowledge. We’ve been down this road before; Marx, Stalin, Mao and the fascists have all had anti-gay political agendas. A study – I won’t take time to explain to Mr. Perkins what those are – done on letting gay men and women serve openly in the military says they will not affect military discipline or readiness. Even the generally small and big c conservative Milbloggers endorses doing away with DADT. This is the hilarious part. If fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is about spreading and defending freedom, gay soldiers are dying for Perkins right to act like an assclown.

There is a popular conservative blog called HotAir. Judging from the name, among other things they apparently do not get irony. On hearing that the marriage of the former Vice-President Gore’s marriage  was stressed by the Supreme Court decision to appoint Dubya president and that stress was a contributing factor to their pending divorce HotAir writes – ‘Blame Bush’ Du Jour: Ending the Gore Marriage, By Doug Powers  •  June 1, 2010 10:28 PM

When it comes to things that caused Al and Tipper Gore to lose sleep and ultimately their love for each other, it turns out that George W. Bush was higher on the list than chlorofluorocarbons and Twisted Sister — at least according to a “family friend.”

Along with hotels that charge by the hour, we can add HotAir to purveyors of the cheap and tawdry.

I knew that ABC, with an occasional exception, were members of the fine art of plastic corporate media infotainment, but I didn’t know they were in the conservative felon apologist and rehabilitation club, O’Keefe and Breitbart launch Great American Rehab Tour on GMA

In fact, NewsCorpse compares O’Keefe’s latest report to reality. As usual, there are pesky little details that expose his bias and tendency to lie yet again, and expose O’Keefe to the possibility of additional criminal charges…

So what we have here is O’Keefe confessing again to a crime. He knowingly signed the time sheet despite his having lied on it about the hours he worked. He knew that it was unlawful to do so, yet he did it anyway. This couldn’t be a more clear cut case. What’s more, there are laws against interfering with the conduct of the census. Since O’Keefe never intended to provide the services to which he agreed upon on employment, he could be liable for additional charges in that regard. And that’s not all. The Washington Post reports that O’Keefe may also have broken laws relating to surreptitiously recording Commerce Department conversations.

As residents of the Steel Bar Resort will tell anyone, don’t mess with the feds. If O’Keefe is charged and convicted of his census worker antics that will make strike two. He’s rather small to be flirting with spending time in the pen. Contrary to what some believe our prisons are not country clubs. More here – Surprise! O’Keefe edits out inconvenient footage from new BigGovernment video

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