maybe he or she is not nice, today’s college students lack empathy, beck still has nazi tourettes

Like the Graiglist’s essay “What happened to all the nice guys” you can substitute feminine pronouns in this article and see it through a straight or gay perspective, The Nice Guy’s Guide to Realizing You’re Not That Nice

Which brings us back to you! Given that nice guys get bedded and/or wedded all the time, you must have a more specific problem than that. Here are some specific behaviors I have witnessed in guys who think they’re “too nice” when actually they’re “unpleasant.” Is this you?

* You’re not actually nice. Ask yourself this question: All these nice, thoughtful things you do for women you have crushes on, do you do them for your friends whose panties you don’t want to chew off? Do you remember everyone’s favorite pizza topping? Listen to them bitch about work? Tell them when you see something neat on ThinkGeek that you think they’d like? Getting extra attention from someone who’s generally nice is flattering. Sitting under the laserlike niceness focus of someone who’s usually oblivious is actually pretty unnerving.

There are six bullet points in all. It never hurts to check. I forget who said it – “It always amazes me how little people know their own heart”.

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Today’s College Students Lack Empathy

College students today are less likely to “get” the emotions of others than their counterparts 20 and 30 years ago, a new review study suggests.

Specifically, today’s students scored 40 percent lower on a measure of empathy than their elders did.

The findings are based on a review of 72 studies of 14,000 American college students overall conducted between 1979 and 2009.

“We found the biggest drop in empathy after the year 2000,” said Sara Konrath, a researcher at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

The empathy quiz Live Science links to is remarkably straight forward and less thorough than the research cited. So much so that it is easy to make yourself look like you’re more empathic than you actually are. Those inclined to take it should try to be as honest as possible – it’s not like you have to tell anyone you’re score. I can’t think of a pithy short name for it – we do seem to live in the I’ve got mine, if you didn’t get yours too damn bad age. Corporate America and the tea bag conservatives provide daily examples of the mentality.

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One would think Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourettes could not get any worse. Now he is accusing Jews of being pro Holocaust. Beck Accuses Jewish Social Justice Worker Of Advocating A New Holocaust.