underrated superhero movies, jackson pollock no4, controlling cell movement with light

The Ten Most Underrated Superhero Movies. Some of the movies listed are worth another consideration and others not so much. We both agree on Ang Lee’s Hulk(2008) with Edward Norton,

Edward Norton was the biggest boon & most importantly he understood that this was primarily a fugitive movie about a man trying to get rid of his internal demons while being on the run from others. Tim Roth’s unhinged portrayal was arresting to say the least & the Hulk got a worthy opponent in the end with the Abomination. Fans wanted to see the Hulk run amok & smash things up & the movie gave them just that. Too bad the movie was only a modest hit & the franchise’s future remains uncertain; though Tony Stark’s cameo in the movie did give hope that it’s not curtains yet for this series of the Hulk movies. This was by far one of the best comic-book movie adaptations of a well known superhero in the past decade. HULK SMASH!!!

The Hulk -Iron Man combination sounds like it would make a good movie. Both of them adversaries at the beginning and than team up to fight an Iran man enhanced Abomination in the climax. Bagdadi mentions Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance in Batman Returns (1992). While I think Danny Devito or Tim Burton’s Penguin ( I’m not sure who to blame) was a lead weight on an otherwise good movie where the X versus Y tension was as complicated as one is likely to see in a superhero blockbuster. Without going into its faults, that reminded me of Catwoman with Halle Berry. It’s a shame Catwoman(2004) didn’t do well – the script was lacking to put it nicely – since it seems to have killed the potential sequels. The right script and director could turn things around.

Jackson Pollock Untitled 4. maybe it was the liquor and naming them  became too complicated in the haze of a stupor, but there seem to be at least three No 4s. One is at MOMA and there is a picture of another one here. ed harris did a remarkable biographical movie of pollock called Pollock (2000) . it might be the best fact based movie ever done about an artist.  jackson was both a great artist and a great assclown. a few months ago i came across a very moving fictional account of a photographer called  High Art (1998) with radhna mitchell and ally sheedy – written and directed by Lisa Cholodenko.

Walk toward the light – Control of cell movement with light accomplished in living organisms

A new technique uses light to manipulate the activity of a protein at precise times and places within a living cell, providing a new tool for scientists who study the fundamentals of protein function.

This is 1 – Knowledge being abused by an evil genius in a lab coat that smells of tuna fish. 2 – Has Glenn Beck in a brain storming session with other experts in fear mongering. 3 – Makes picking out the right lighting for your new apartment seem more important than it was a minute ago.

TX Textbooks Proposal: Students Must Discuss Gutting Social Security. The Gutting curriculum classes usually do not get to gutting social insurance programs until the second semester. It’s generally for advanced anarchists and social-Darwinists.