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The Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries

The list is composed of discoveries that upset the conventional wisdom to the degree a discovery changes how mankind perceives itself. 1 – The earth and thus humanity is not the center of the universe. A 400 year old idea that many people around the world either reject or are still not aware of. 2 – Pathogens are evolving faster than science can create new antibiotics to deal with them. In a not too round about way our success at dealing with infections has proved Darwin correct. Species adapt and evolve survival mechanisms over time. The other option is new pathogens wait in a secret hiding place and come out just in time for flu season. 4 – At one time in human history it was beneficial to stock up on fat and calories when we had the chance – developing a taste for those high fat and high calorie foods was part of a survival strategy for our species. Now that we can indulge in those foods that are high in fat and calories while exerting far less effort. Result, we’re fat. And its killing us. 6 – many of the things we do, do not do, desire, feel, remember, fear, love, hate or just do not care about are not controlled by conscious thought, but by our subconscious. A maddening thought for control freaks, those that believe completely in free will and those that think human potential could easily be realized with a few tweaks in behavior. This realization of the roll of the subconscious  – for some people – falls under the heading of things best left unknown. Like evolution and the cat, knowledge about living a life with ambiguity is out of the bag. Unsettling and thus many people choice to use that handy power of denial. 8 – Human history is not all about murder and human sacrifices, but all cultures have and many still do practice such things. Call it the natural history version of original sin – humanity is tainted by the dark side of our nature.

And that is enough for me. The rest and the Smithsonian’s more complete analysis is at the link.

retro fan wallpaper. an unintended pun.

In censorship and propaganda news – Maine Tea Party: Worse than you think

For seven years, Clifford has had “a collage-type poster depicting the history of the U.S. labor movement” on his classroom door. He uses it “to teach his students how to incorporate collages into their annual project on Norman Rockwell’s historic ‘Four Freedoms’ illustrations.” When Clifford returned to his classroom on Monday, after the GOP caucuses, the poster was gone; in its place was a sticker reading, “Working People Vote Republican.”

The tea stains are having a geocentric moment. Apparently thinking capital is the center of the universe when it is labor that creates capital. Any tea stains have their own poster with a chart that proves otherwise I’ll be happy to take a look. And most of the tea stains live on and support gov’mint programs like Medicare and Social Security and want the gov’mint to spend more on job creation. Whether the tea stains support Ron Paul or Sarah Palin too bad we can’t turn all the energy they use rationalizing into something we can run our cars on, there seems to be plenty. Maine tea Republicans share a spiritual kinship with Saudi Arabia

You put yourself at risk if you try to log onto a banned website in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government can track whoever logs onto banned websites, whatever kind they might be: political, sexual, religious, or even human rights. And you know what the result of this is!

–E-mail from Mohammad Abdel Rahman, 29 year old researcher, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia, May 20, 2002.

NRA Members Disagree With NRA Leadership: Those On Terrorist Watch List Should Not Be Able To Buy Firearms. Let’s skip down to one NRA member’s reaction to the news the NRA and Congressional Republicans are standing up for the “terror gap” in gun sales,

Notably, one NRA member found news of the “terror gap” so incredulous that he did not believe the fact that potential terrorists are allowed to purchase firearms. He called news of the GAO report “false information,” and when ThinkProgress tried to show him a Washington Post article reporting it, he remained unconvinced:

NRA MEMBER: The Washington Post, I think that’s part of like the Communist News Broadcasting and everything. … The Washington Post lies on everything. … I don’t know how I can believe the Post. You need to find better facts than the Washington Post. … I wouldn’t believe a word I read in the Washington Post. It’s one of the worst papers in the whole country, from what I’ve heard.

TP: Oh, then which newspaper would you believe?

NRA MEMBER: Which newspaper? I don’t know I would stick to Fox News over everything.

Torture fetishist Marc Theissen works at WaPO. As does global warming denier George Will and Bush-Palin apologist David Broder. The editor is a Republican named Bob Woordward. While there are also moderates such as  health care wonk Ezra Klein the paper is hardly a bastion of radical lefty politics. That NRA member will be twisting himself into an extra tight pretzel when he finds out Fox did report of the terror gap. Though the Ministry of Truth would be pleased with that particular NRA member who seems to have been thoroughly indoctrinated.

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