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“Stuff”: The psychology of hoarding – Their love of stuff made their homes unlivable. An expert offers insight — and horror stories

Well, part of the problem is that the people who hoard are themselves ambivalent. On the one hand, they realize their life is complicated: They have all this clutter and it would be good if they could just do something about it. But on the other hand, they’re so attached to this stuff that they can’t. If a family member comes in and starts arguing on one side of this equation — “Why don’t you get rid of this stuff because of X, Y and Z?” — then the person with the hoarding problem will naturally take the other side of the equation. What needs to happen is for the hoarder to argue this out on their own by bouncing ideas off somebody, rather than having a person there who takes one side of the argument.

In most of the cases described we’re not talking about Thing Theory – where someone has a collection of family photos and mementos like sports ribbons that takes up half the living room. One guy had a room full of trash, with cockroaches, so thick it could barely be walked through. Others have been a source of embarrassment for their children – hey the giant stacks of moldy old newspapers are great for playing hide and seek, not. Not as easy to solve as sending in a clean up crew according to the author. Left on their own many hoarders will double down on a new collection of stuff and some become suicidal.

black and white horse

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out – British hip-hop with a thin layer of trance. Materialism is still a major city in happy land.

One part Mississippi delta blues, one part bluegrass, shake well with a cup of hip-hop = Gangstagrass. T.O.N.E Z-Long Hard Times To Come (Justified Theme Song)

Some disasters are just so cool, aren’t they? – Oil Slick May Be Burned to Help Stop U.S. Rig Spill, With oil nearing the Gulf Coast, officials are considering fighting the leak with fire.

There were ever shifting rationales for invading Iraq. Sometimes it tasted great. Sometimes it was less filling. The rationale seemed to evolve with the previous one eroded by evidence and logic. One of the favorites was making Iraq into a democracy. Iraq Prison Torture: Muthanna Inmates Reportedly Suffered Rape, Electric Shock, Severe Beatings.

Some of the detainees were beaten by Iraqi guards so badly they lost teeth and urinated blood for days afterward, said the report by New York-based Human Rights Watch. Others were raped, given electric shocks applied to their penises and deprived of air, the report also said.

The Iraqi government quickly shut down the prison after the torture was revealed last week, and either released or transferred its 431 detainees to another facility. The government also vowed to investigate the abuses, and so far, three army officers have been arrested in connection with the case.

The reports of horrific beatings and torture at the Defense Ministry-run secret facility at the old Muthanna airport in west Baghdad has angered the country’s Sunni population who see it as another example of persecution at the hands of Iraq’s Shiite-led government. It also shocked many Iraqi and U.S. officials, harkening back to images of the abuses of Iraqis by U.S. guards at the Abu Ghraib prison that inflamed insurgents and tarnished America’s image worldwide.

This new improved democracy has some of the same elements of the old Saddam regime or America’s own prison system. It seems possible the Iraqis could have achieved this level of democracy, given time, on their own. Which would have saved the U.S. about a trillion dollars and over four thousand American lives.

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