brain-recording device that melts into place, ocean front stone pier wallpaper, a walk down values lane

Now, a brain-recording device that melts into place

A newly developed brain implant can essentially melt into place, snugly fitting to the brain’s surface.

The technology could pave the way for better devices to monitor and control seizures, and to transmit signals from the brain past damaged parts of the spinal cord.

“These implants have the potential to maximize the contact between electrodes and brain tissue, while minimizing damage to the brain. They could provide a platform for a range of devices with applications in epilepsy, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders,” Nature quoted Dr Walter Koroshetz, deputy director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), as saying.

The study shows that the ultrathin flexible implants, made partly from silk, can record brain activity more faithfully than thicker implants embedded with similar electronics.

The simplest devices for recording from the brain are needle-like electrodes that can penetrate deep into brain tissue.

Sure they say its good for us, but….insert wild mind control and Trilateral Commission theory here___.

Anyway the current micro-electrode arrays are made of a mass of semi-flexible wire electrodes which are fixed to rigid silicon grids. Those do not conform to the natural shape of the brain. They also have a tendency to create inflammation and even tissue damage. Not exactly the dream treatment for those already suffering from some kind of nerve damage. Being able to place an implant that does less damage and has the potential to record more information from a denser array of sensors has several potential benefits. First is greater patient comfort and perhaps down the line the ability to create new neural pathways for the brain to communicate with limbs affected by a damaged spinal cord or even with a computer that could carry out patient instructions solely by thinking the command.

ocean front stone pier wallpaper

In the classic  Disney film Pinocchio (1940) Mister Geppetto pulls the strings. In the land of Republicans sometimes its people like oil baron David Koch ( who seems to specialize to propagating fake science). When it comes to fighting regulation to rein in the worse excesses of Wall Street, the Republican puppeteer is Frank Luntz – The guy who told the GOP to brand financial reform a “bailout”? Every word he speaks seems to be a lie.

Gun-toting protesters voice violent thoughts peacefully. Deep reality altering insecurities are a terrible thing. These folks are not just a burden on themselves and their families, but their neighbors and the entire nation. They show up on federal park land carrying firearms – which is now legal because of legislation President Obama signed into law. They’re afraid someone is going to stop guns sales. I can walk into the local K-mart and walk out with enough high powered rifles and ammo to equip a small army. Its literally as easy as buying milk and eggs.

The demonstrators brought their guns to Virginia from New Mexico, New Hampshire, Florida and elsewhere. Among the group was Tim Hammond, who carried two pistols, a rifle and plenty of ammunition as part of an all-black outfit that included a black tricorn hat. Hammond, who said he flew in from California, told another demonstrator he believes that President Obama is the antichrist.

“If he’s not the antichrist, he’s pretty close,” the second man concurred.

“We’re definitely in the end times,” Hammond continued. “The rapture, in my opinion, has to be sometime this fall.”

This fall? Well at least I won’t have to rake the leaves anymore.

The Big Lie: Tea Party Rebranding and Liberal “Infiltrators”. Authoritatrians and their false flags are an old story. Bush-Blair Iraq war memo revealed

The US “was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours”, Mr Bush said.

If Saddam fired on them, the Iraqis would be in breach of UN resolutions, he suggested.

Traditional Values Coalition Tells Senators To Block Judicial Nominee Because She’s A ‘Radical Lesbian’

The right-wing Traditional Values Coalition is being more explicit in why it opposes Demeo. ThinkProgress obtained a letter the group sent to senators last week, which says that Demeo is an “open, radical lesbian” who supports marriage equality:

As an open, radical lesbian, Demeo has openly condemned the effort to amend our Constitution to protect marriage as a one-man, one-woman union. Demeo supports gay marriage, claiming it is a constitutional right. She also claims that LGBT individuals are equal to racial minorities and can claim protection as minorities under our civil rights laws.

As a DC Superior Court Judge, Demeo would be in a key position to undermine our national security and destroy traditional marriage through her edicts. The DC Superior Court is known to be a steppingstone to the Supreme Court.

Marisa Demeo is of President Obama’s nominee to the D.C. Superior Court. Having a federal judge that stands up for individual Americans to  have liberty, love, maybe have a family and pursue happiness is exactly what the framers of the constitution had in mind. The Traditional Values Coalition would like to amend that to conform to the intolerance and meanness that they define as “values” – eerily similar to what some fundamentalist Iranian Muslims believe. If virtue was embodied in a single individual and the The TVC saw it walking down the street they’d no doubt drag it into an alley and beat it bloody with baseball bats.