great dolts think alike, glacier national park wallpaper, the ipad as aid to the disabled

Is it great minds think alike or people who hear voices think alike – Extramarital sex fuels earthquakes, warns Iran cleric. Well sure if you’re lucky. Limbaugh: Volcanic eruption in Iceland is God’s reaction to health care’s passage. Limbaugh should read the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus heals the sick. One would get the impression that Jesus was pro health care. Rep. Steve King and Glenn Beck agree: Voting for health reform on Sunday is ‘an affront to God.’ It’s OK for Cons to pass legislation on Sunday? King and Beck both have health care. King’s is subsidized by tax payers. Beck may get his from his employer, but having made an estimated $32 million dollars last year from selling snake oil to people he describes as idiots, he can certainly pay for his. Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi of Iran, Limbaugh, Rep. Steve King and Beck all believe in the same deity which whispers these great insights into their ear. If I was said deity I think I’d have better spokespersons.

glacier national park wallpaper

iPad drawing interest as device for disabled

“Instead of buying a 5,000-dollar communications aid you take out your iPad and download an app and — bam! — they can communicate,” he told AFP.

The Trace Center helps people who are unable to speak and have disabilities to communicate and Vanderheiden is one of a number of researchers and others excited about the iPad as a relatively low-cost communications tool.

“There’s a lot of interest in the iPad,” said Karen Sheehan, the executive director of the Alliance for Technology Access, a California-based group that seeks to expand the use of technology by children and adults with disabilities.

Stroke victims, people with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy or ALS, a paralysing nerve disease, and children or adults with autism are seen as just some of those who could potentially benefit from the iPad.

There are a couple of drawbacks. One is the pinching like motion required to perform some tasks. The other is the addition of an app called “Prologuo2Go” which is downloadable from the app store and allows people to point to symbols to communicate, but it does cost about $190. Still with the basic iPad and the app you’re still way under the $5 thousand dollar communications aid. And they might want to wait a while since Apple’s first generation of new toys – like the first iPhone – get better with succeeding generations and there are other touch-pad devices coming out that have more functionality like the HP Slate. A heresy to Apple addicts I know. Pray for me.

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As you’re reading this think of the pluses and minuses of living in a media saturated culture and a media that is generally obsequious to its corporate masters,

“The radio has the advantage over the newspaper in that it is instantaneous. It has the advantage over the church, the school, the theater and the motion picture in that it saves car-fare, or wear and tear on the family “bus.” One turn of the wrist, and it fills the living room–and, alas, sometimes the neighborhood. It has the advantage over conversation and all social life, in that with another flick of the wrist it is gone and without any hurt feelings; thus it saves the need of courtesy. To the owner, the master, the social manipulator, it confers a priceless boon, in that nobody can answer back, and the minds of the masses become as clay in the potter’s hand. The audience will understand that before our curtain rises on Monday, August 6, 1945, this colossal social tool has been evolving for a matter of a quarter of a century.” by Upton Sinclair