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Our universe at home within a larger universe?

Such a scenario in which the universe is born from inside a wormhole (also called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge) is suggested in a paper from Indiana University theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski in Physics Letters B.

[  ]…”Because Einstein’s general theory of relativity does not choose a time orientation, if a black hole can form from the gravitational collapse of matter through an event horizon in the future then the reverse process is also possible. Such a process would describe an exploding white hole: matter emerging from an event horizon in the past, like the expanding universe.”

A white hole is connected to a black hole by an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) and is hypothetically the time reversal of a black hole.

Thus it may have been that our universe – a term that seems to be getting trickier to define – may have formed from inside a black hole that exists inside still another universe. Our galaxy  has its very own black hole. I’m not sure exactly what Poplawski means when he says that all astrophysical black holes besides Schwarzschild and Einstein-Rosen black holes may have Einstein-Rosen bridges ( the figure at this old link is just like the one displayed with this new article). I’m more a biology person, but as far as I know there are three types of black holes and the only other one is a Kerr black hole ( and there are theoretically extremal black holes). And black holes are further classified according to their mass. The wormhole scenario probably prompts some memories among science fiction readers. They’ve been used many times as a way for time travelers to get into various predicaments – Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009) with Anna Ferris and Chris O’Dowd. And of course the general concept of multiple universes is not new. I did a post in February about MIT physicist Alan Guth and the possibility of multiverses.

carolyn murphy koi fish tattoo

carolyn murphy’s koi fish tattoo. large enough to use as a wallpaper for most monitors. i think this is probably a temp tattoo as i’ve seen other photos of her without it.whoever did it is a very talented tattooist. update: i’ve been told they are real and they are covered with body make-up when she does some photo shoots.

carolyn murphy’s koi tattoo

Following Fox’s violent rhetoric, mother blames network for son’s alleged Pelosi threats. Moving from listening to inflammatory rhetoric to acting out violence is probably complicated for some people, but it also may be like taping directly into the lizard part of the brain some people. Free speech is protected. Threats judged to be of a violent nature are not. Using incendiary political speech is not new and has been part of the cause of freedom and democracy. One thing such speech should not be is a game played to enrich one’s self off the gullible rubes, Beck admits he doesn’t give ‘a flying crap about the political process. … We’re an entertainment company.’

This isn’t the first time Beck has suggested he isn’t as radically conservative as he seems. In February he told USA Weekend that “you’d have to be an idiot” to “not notice the temperature change” caused by global warming, and that he thinks mankind may play a signficant role in the phenomenon. Beck has previously described himself as “a rodeo clown” and conceded, “If you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.”