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gloves and straw hat wallpaper

A blog that calls itself The Moderate Voice rather than A Moderate Voice starts out on the wrong track. Not a good sign when you can’t see the subjective arrogance of claiming such an airy throne. A Mr. Shaw the/a Assistant Editor in Politics writes in Those Awful, Violent Activists tells us about a Karl Rove book signing interrupted by Code Pink who wanted to place Karl Rove under citizen’s arrest for war crimes. Than some supporters of Sen. Harry Reid allegedly throwing eggs at far Right activist Andrew Brietbart. And finally ends with the debunked story about Eric Cantor (R-Va) being threatened by a “liberal” – when in fact the guy has been shown to a zealot who has made threats against mostly Democrats. This self proclaimed moderate doesn’t mention a single incident of violence or threats that have been perpetuated by Conservatives ( that includes tea baggers). Shaw uses a three examples – one false – to prove what one assumes is an important point. His thesis being that of all the millions of people across the political spectrum that the recent surge in threats, assaults and physical battery are not enough to be indicative or damning of one side or the other. It just happens those examples are ones where some activists are against Conservatives. Perhaps an unintended bias, but hard to ignore. Especially in light of being a ‘moderate”. Blogging can be a chore so let’s not assume laziness when it comes to research, but maybe an allergy to statistics and cogent analysis. He is correct in saying that most activist on whatever side perhaps rowdy and vocal at times, but they’re acting within the law. Though it is the corporate media that to some extent fans the flames and seems to love the spectacle of it all, individuals with agendas are still responsible for their actions. The last year and a half has seen a measurable spike in violence by the Right. Hate crimes against black Americans, gay men and women and Hispanics have steadily increased. Among religions in America, Jews are still the number one victim. These crimes include physical assaults and murder. Not all hate crimes are reported so are not counted in FBI stats.  Statistically we could say that we’re doing fairly well with just over 7,700 hate crimes in 2008 out of a total population of 320 million – unless you’re one of the victims. Those numbers would suggest not complicating the problem by exaggerating, but let’s not be ostriches and pretend there is not  problem or cherry pick examples. The U.S. survived the Civil War, Jim Crow, the Suffrage movement, the Great Depression, the Red scare of the 50s, the demonization of FDR, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton. There is nothing inherently wrong with protesting – though I end to think its all a little bit of an anachronism in the age of the intertubes – protests may even serve to help some people vent, but they may also be a source of motivation for violence if that is the tone set by using language or imagery like “target” and in their “sights” to describe one’s opponents.

Which brings up the hands are technically clean  agitation factor in these crimes – many of the perpetrators of the worse acts of violence leaving notes, video, etc that echo things not just said by far Right ideologues like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, but by supposedly mainstream politicians such as the masters of equivocating John Boehner(R-OH) and Mitch McConnell(R-KY) . These people do not do their own dirty work, they are motivators for one’s that do.

Motivations are not an excuse for bad behavior, but in some cases should be considered mitigating factors. Those activists should not have thrown eggs at poor Andrew, but Andrew Breitbart should not have participated in perpetuating that huge fraud against ACORN and the millions of low income Americans who they have fought for. Those protesting against Harry Reid (D-NV) and health care reform do not even understand what they’re against – Dems Caught In Populist Crossfire, Most white Americans think health reform benefits the poor and uninsured, not people like them. H/T to Joan Walsh for the link – Too many believe — incorrectly — that health care reform helps “other people,” not themselves. It is still not justified but at least the egg throwers knew what they were protesting. The tea baggers are not simply clueless – an easy to remedy problem – they maliciously ignorant.

During Senate hearings with former Bush AG Alberto Gonzales Code Pink’s tactics were funny and effective. Laying hands on Karl Rove was out of line. They were rude and counter productive. Yet Shaw implies Code Pink’s antics are equivalent to Karl Rove’s lying hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths and spending a nearly a trillion dollars of the nation’s wealth. Or Rove betraying the identity of a CIA NOC agent. Or Rove calling Democrats that disagreed with him terrorist sympathizers. This is the Karl Rove who called Code Pink “totalitarianism of the left.” So Code Pink rude, while Karl has some legal and moral issues that make Code Pink’s antics look like playtime at nursery school. Does being moderate now mean that we bend over backwards so far that we avow allegiance to the worse kind of moral relativity. Shaw “the moderate” left me with that impression.

movie posters. just a couple movies i’ve watched recently. junebug was released in 2005 so its past its due date as far as complaining about the lack of attention it got. i’m still trying to figure out the meaning of what george johnsten(alessandro nivola) says at the very end. on the other hand trucker was released in 2008 won a few film festival awards and has been largely ignored. michelle monaghan should have been nominated for an oscar.