twittering to better health, layers of recollections, force-field armour being developed by military scientists

Twitter And Health Care: Can A Tweet A Day Keep The Doctor Away?

Physician groups, hospitals, and healthcare organizations are discovering a range of beneficial applications for using Twitter to communicate timely information both within the medical community and to patients and the public.

[  ]…The use of social media and Internet-based outlets such as Twitter to communicate medical information requires a high degree of caution, however, to preserve confidentiality and patient privacy in the clinical care setting, and to ensure that information sources are accurate, reliable, and current.

I had see the benefits, but the last paragraph not only made me think of some horrible abuses as regards medical information but other personal, business and political information as well. Though if there is a technology that can be used for good, it is a safe bet that some will use it for evil as well. This blogger has really delved into the positive medical related possibilities, 140 Health Care Uses for Twitter. While this guy has fully embraced the evil uses, Secret Service probing conservative blogger’s call for Obama assassination

Self-described conservative blogger and writer Solomon Forell called for Obama’s assassination on the eve of House Democrats’ passage of health care reform. “We’ll surely get over a bullet 2 Barack Obama’s head!” Forell Tweeted.

He added: “The Next American with a Clear Shot should drop Obama like a bad habit. 4get Blacks or his claim to be Black. Turn on Barack Obama.”

Reports in the same ballpark of squalid hateful behavior have become a near daily occurrence. At some point the political movement/ideology has to step up to do the grown up thing. Take some responsibility and call for their comrades to take it down a notch or three.

layers of recollections

Star Trek-style force-field armour being developed by military scientists

Scientists behind the project claim this would produce a momentary “force field” capable of repelling the incoming rounds and projectiles.

Although it would last for only a fraction of a second, if timed correctly it could prevent rocket propelled grenades, which detonate on impact, from reaching their target. The supercapacitor could then be rapidly recharged ready for another attack.

The idea is similar to the force fields portrayed in science fiction movies which produce an invisible protective shell around a vehicle or object.

Not to burst the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence (English spelling) bubble, but wouldn’t potential enemies just up the anti with rapid/multiple firing RPGs that overload the tank’s force field or some kind of disrupting electric force/flux from another capacitor to disable the force field.