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MU Researcher Presents Risk-free Treatment for Low Female Sexual Desire

Mintz has authored a book based on this premise. In her book, Mintz suggests a six-step psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioral treatment approach that she based on scientific literature and more than 20 years of clinical knowledge. The treatment plan includes chapters about one’s thoughts about sex, how to talk with your partner, the importance of spending time together, ways to touch each other in both erotic and non-erotic ways, how to make time for sex and different ways to make sexual activity exciting and thus, increase women’s sexual desire.

In a study demonstrating the effectiveness of her treatment, Mintz recruited married women between the ages of 28 to 65, who said they were uninterested in sexual activity. All the women were employed and a majority had children. All participants completed an online survey that measured sexual desire and sexual functioning. Then half of the participants were selected randomly to read her book and perform the exercises outlined in her  book. After six weeks, they were emailed the same survey again. The control group did not read the book. Mintz found that the intervention group who read the book made significant gains in sexual desire and sexual functioning, compared to the control group who did not read the book. On average, women who read the book increased their level of sexual desire by almost 30 percent.

The media is not so much obsessed with sex scandals as their viewers are. If you want ratings to pay for those McMansions you have to draw in viewers for advertisers and viewers love a good sex scandal. People not having sex is really strange in that context. Probably just as strange to the women that suffer from lack of desire. Those that are sexually active in their relationships tend to live longer, have lower blood pressure and lower rates of breast cancer. No surprise that lack of desire in marriage is not the leading cause, but one of the leading causes of divorce. I’m all for better living through drugs, but sometimes a simple pill or injection does not work or there is a safer remedy. It has been common practice to give females sufferers testosterone patches ( women naturally secrete some testosterone from their ovaries and adrenal gland), but that can have several side effects including increased risk of breast cancer. There has been some success with a drug called flibanserin. Not even the makers of it are certain why it works – though it is known to manipulate chemical signals in the brain. Two common factors that contribute to a sudden lack of desire in women and men can be simple things like taking a lot of certain drugs like acetaminophen (Tylenol), and depression is often a factor.

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What exactly is the purpose of people such as Sarah Palin or Karl Rove writing books. Their followers certainly swallowed the hosersh*t the first time round. In the South and Mid-West it is common practice among fundamentalist Baptist to repeat chapter and verse over and over. The purpose of the constant reaffirmation is often times to drive out conflicting truths. If the truths become overwhelming its not uncommon for some followers of the authoritarian aligned to harass those with which they disagree. Both of those behaviors are also symptomatic of cult-like behavior. Going Rove: Courage and Consequence is full of falsehoods

1. Rove distorts Senate report to claim Bush didn’t “lie us into the war”

I wonder how much of this kind of corporate behavior is going on considering the tight job market, Inside the Low-Paying Cheezburger Empire

Cheezburger Network might be the internet’s largest “meme aggregator,” according to Wired, with upwards of $4 million per year gleaned from other people’s pet pictures, supplied to the company for free. But that doesn’t mean the 30 or so employees share fairly in the bounty; as we reported last week, Huh has blogged about proudly offering jobs at Seattle’s minimum wage of $8.55 or slightly higher, at $10.