cheneyites have crossed the line, old beer and cigs ad, three degrees of playing it forward

Cheneyites Lose Stimson, Rivkin, Casey in al-Qaeda Shark-Jump

David Rivkin and Lee Casey are an op-ed-writing team of former GOP legal officials who defend practically every terrorism-related policy pushed by the Bush administration. Here they are saying that warrantless surveillance “has always been on firm legal ground.” Here they are saying that the Justice Department and CIA torture memos somehow prove “the actual techniques used… did not cause severe pain or degradation.” Here they are saying that Congress can do practically nothing to stop a war aside from ceasing to appropriate money for it. Clearly they know something about implausible spin. And even they think the Cheneyites crossed a line by calling Justice Department lawyers who defended Guantanamo detainees the “al-Qaeda Seven.“

Ben Smith has a letter signed by a coalition of Republican legal mainstays, including Rivkin and Casey, denouncing Keep America Safe’s most recent ad, terming it “a shameful series of attacks” on people who upheld the “American tradition of zealous representation of unpopular clients [which] is at least as old as John Adams’s representation of the British soldiers charged in the Boston massacre.

David Rivkin and Lee Casey have partaken long and deep of the far Right kool-aid. Both have advocated and defended torture, claimed that no American may be tried for war crimes by international courts or in U.S. courts. A set of legal theories that attempts to mainstream the idea we are a nation not of laws, but of men – men so special and almost always conservative – that prosecuting them would undermine democracy. To say these two are dangerous ideologues is to describe a tsunami as, you know, like a big wave dude. For them to say the Liz Cheney-Dick Cheney- Bill Kristol-Keep America Safe crowd have gone too far is damning. Its also a little surreal, like going back in time and listening to an angry mob with the pro hanging contingent arguing with the pro drag them to death camp.

pabst and old gold advertisement. those were the innocent good old days when grandma or great grandma would knock back a few pabsts while she dragged on an old gold. An intersting post on the history of pabst beer adverting here, The Evolution of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Beer Advertising. there is a picture of one of their first ads to target black consumers in 1963.

Playing it forward does work to some extent, Cooperative behavior cascades in human social networks

We show that, in both an ordinary public goods game and in a public goods game with punishment, focal individuals are influenced by fellow group members’ contribution behavior in future interactions with other individuals who were not a party to the initial interaction. Furthermore, this influence persists for multiple periods and spreads up to three degrees of separation (from person to person to person to person). The results suggest that each additional contribution a subject makes to the public good in the first period is tripled over the course of the experiment by other subjects who are directly or indirectly influenced to contribute more as a consequence. These results show experimentally that cooperative behavior cascades in human social networks.