there might be multiverses, leopard wallpaper, what rats can tell us about teens

Life beyond our universe: Physicists explore the possibility of life in universes with laws different from our own

Whether life exists elsewhere in our universe is a longstanding mystery. But for some scientists, there’s another interesting question: could there be life in a universe significantly different from our own?

[  ]….Modern cosmology theory holds that our universe may be just one in a vast collection of universes known as the multiverse. MIT physicist Alan Guth has suggested that new universes (known as “pocket universes”) are constantly being created, but they cannot be seen from our universe.

In this view, “nature gets a lot of tries — the universe is an experiment that’s repeated over and over again, each time with slightly different physical laws, or even vastly different physical laws,” says Jaffe.

Maybe its just my experience, but the universe that we’re aware of comes up a bit short on perfection. If the forces that created that tiny dense mass that gave birth to the Big Bang of which we’re a product, its not too far fetched to think that same force(s) could still be doing some experimenting. We know that gravity, weak forces, strong forces and electromagnetism exist, but why and where did they come from. Gravity posits the idea that some particle – a graviton exist, but it has not been found and quantified yet, only it’s effects have. There is a kind of scientific poetry about that since we rely on something who’s origins are uncertain to make calculations, things and explore space based on the known force of gravity.

leopard wallpaper

Powell Dismisses Cheney’s Claim That Obama Made U.S. Less Safe: ‘I Don’t Think That’s Borne Out By The Facts’. Cheney has never served in the military (4 deferments) and has no knowledge – that he has displayed publicly at least – about counter-terrorism strategy or tactics ( though he does believe in torture as a tactic). Maybe General Powell is not perfect, but to believe Cheney over Powell would take a very long pole and the faith of the most pious political zealot.

Since I went to high school in the U.S. I tend to think teenagers are an evolutionary experiment in overdosing on hormones, but I’m open to other opinions – Pitt Researchers Report Internal and Environmental Factors Trigger Unique Brain Activity in Teens, Is Key Step in Understanding Causes of Teen Behavior

Moghaddam and her team found that adolescents(rats) tended to return to the center hole far more often than the adults although they received no reward and continued going to the hole long after the adult rats stopped altogether. Such doggedness was even more prominent in adolescents who received the light cue and had a restricted diet before the experiment. This group nosed the center hole 30 times, twice as often as adults under the same circumstances and as adolescents with less food and no light cue. Adolescents that received the cue and had free access to food made for the center hole only a third as often.

Thus, rats experiencing internal and external stimuli-hunger and the light cue-compulsively sought the earlier reward long after the other rats realized it no longer existed. These results suggest that human teenagers can similarly behave irrationally and compulsively when faced with certain feelings and settings, Moghaddam said. “A scenario could range from the relatively mundane, such as hungry teenagers being more likely than adults to buy fast food immediately after seeing an advertisement, to despair and relationship problems eliciting thoughts of suicide,” she said.

Let’s be fair. Obviously many adults repeat unproductive and destructive behavior their entire lives. Wisdom only comes with age for those that make a conscience effort to learn from their past behavior and that of others.