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African American explorer Matthew A. Henson (1866-1955) explored the Arctic on seven expeditions with Robert Peary from the 1890s until their final expedition in 1908-1909, when they reached the North Pole.  Henson was the first African American to explore the Arctic regions.” Henson has not been ignored , there have been books and a large feature piece done in National Geographic. Henson’s claim to fame is also closely associated with Peary – who has become known as the last of the Imperialistic Explorers. It is also still debatable that Peary reached the Pole first, that Frederick A. Cook might have been the first person(team) to reach the North Pole ( Henson’s version of events is one of the reason’s that doubts remain about Peary). Even though I tend toward the view that Cook should be given co-credit, that does not diminish Henson’s tremendous courage and achievement. In 1908-1909, the last year of the Peary expedition there were none of the modern technological advances in clothing, transport or food storage that make a the modern permanent station at the North Pole relatively easy in comparison to the conditions under which Cook, Peary and Henson made their expeditions. There has been some speculation that on the Peary expedition Henson actually trekked ahead of Peary reaching the Pole ahead of him. Thus if Peary’s claim is true in the general sense, Henson might be the actual and uncredited first explorer to reach the North Pole.

architectural skylight wallpaper

The net and unintended consequences. Its a great place to find information, but also a great place to spread disinformation and do it quickly with relative ease. The Mystery At Ft. Jackson — Did CBN Get It Wrong?

CBN Christian Broadcasting Network) says it has a major exclusive: ” CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were arrested just before Christmas and are in custody. The five men were part of the Arabic Translation program at the base.”

CBN’s original link is down – though not before the story was echoed by a dozen of the more sleazy conservative blogs/net magazines/and Fox. The reason the “news” story is probably down is because no one has been taken into custody. There is no story. Fort Jackson Poison Plot – nothing there

FoxNews says that the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CID) is investigating reports of a plot by Muslim soldiers, enlisted as translators, to “poison the food supply” at Fort Jackson, SC, next to Columbia, the state’s capital.

[   ]…here is not a scintilla of credibility in this report, not least because Stakelbeck is evidently entirely ignorant of military investigation procedures. Accused soldiers are not kept in “custody.” Fort Jackson does not have a jail, it has detention cells for very temporary detention of suspects. There is no bail system in the Army and it is unusual for accused soldiers not be be released back to their units, where their commander may place them on restricted movement and/or under watch 24/7.

Usually, there are arrangements with a local sheriff’s office for custody of soldiers accused of violent felonies; someone charged with assault or murder, for example, is not someone you want to put back into his barracks room under strict orders not to flee or hurt anyone. But you have to be dreaming if you think that five presumably Muslim soldiers, accused of a murder conspiracy, and held in the Columbia jail, would not have been reported in the media long ago. Trust me, they ain’t there.

Organized religions of every stripe have quite a bit to answer for historically and their zealotry continues in pockets around the world of every denomination and cult. Hating them though can extract a price. In this case the price is CBN’s and Fox’s pretense to anything resembling journalistic integrity. There is some speculation at both links about how this story could have started as a relatively small matter and blossomed into a full blown urban myth. That said and something we can look forward to in the way of deflecting blame. Note the very same people spreading this myth are the same ones that get upset over reportage of gangs and neo-Nazi groups in the military – gangs that are domestic in origin. Criminal activity is criminal, regardless of who does it.

Too bad internet punditry doesn’t work like baseball – three strikes and their mom yanks the internet connection, Breaking: Michelle Obama Reads Books

Rob from the Say Anything blog went on a White House tour and came away with the conclusion that Michelle Obama is a Communist. My view is that what’s really been proved here is that Rob from the Say Anything blog is an idiot. Here’s a taste of “Photo Evidence: Michelle Obama Keeps Socialist Books In The White House Library”

How apt that a purveyor of capacious crap is called “Say Anything”. More Shocking White House Library Books!

There’s also … The Autobiography of Malcolm X! Oh my God! The Obamas are socialists and militant black nationalists. That New Yorker cover was true! Oh, wait a second — that photo was taken on December 18, 2008, before the Obamas moved into the White House. So, George W. Bush was a militant black nationalist? We’re confused now.(book photo at link)

So to recap. Con blogger takes pictures of books. Sees titles. Does not have knowledge of contents. Does not know who put them in the library. One of the books was an anti-communist tome written by a conservative historian. The books have been there at least since Bush was in the White House and probably since Jackie Kennedy. Like the Muslim food poisoning story, the Obama’s have stacked library with communist manifestos is promulgated  by the right-wing echo chamber who have declared facts the enemy of their agenda. Forensic analysis of propaganda: “Michelle Obama Keeps Socialist Books in the White House”

The story was obviously false, yet blasted  around the Internet — aided by endorsements by some major conservative website — and others repeating the story.  It provides another warning of how the Internet can make us stupid.  We’ll need to do much better if America is to survive, let alone prosper, in the 21st century.  A first step is for people to hold accountable those from whom they get information.  After all, conservatives are the target for conservative propaganda — and vice versa.   So long as we enjoy being lied to, people will lie to us.

fabius maximus has notes on the books in the Say Anything photo. This is one of what S.A. calls a “socialist” book, The Social Basis of American Communism by Nathan Glazer (1961) — Part of a series funded by the Fund for the Republic, a think-tank started by the Ford Foundation in 1952 “to defend and advance the principles of the Declaration of the Independence and the Constitution.