pool wallpaper, here smell these t-shirts they’re a turn on dude, beck promotes what smells like modern fascists

pool wallpaper.

Women’s Natural Scent More Seductive Than Perfume – When it comes to attracting a man, a woman really doesn’t have to wear anything at all.

* Men can detect a woman’s natural scent at an unconscious level.
* In an experimental study, testosterone levels were higher in men who smelled an ovulating woman’s T-shirt.
* This research is one of the first papers to show a link between testosterone levels and a scented stimulus.

Men are not the completely shallow walking erections that the movies and sitcoms frequently use for comic fodder, but like women, they have a tendency to aspire to the best looking potential mate they can. These scientists, who granted may be on to something in the way of evolution and mate selection in early humans used bags of t-shirts worn by ovulating women and then asked men to smell the worn shirt from a plastic bag. The men produced more testosterone after smelling the worn shirts then the unworn – stop laughing this is serious science stuff. I’ll take the article’s word that surveyed men are more attracted to ovulating women. Back to stereotypes. Knowing that men and women base much of their mate choice on looks, lets suppose there was another experiment in which there were several non-ovulating , but very attractive women in a room and two ovulating women of average looks. At this point is the man/men drawn more by the scent and ovulation or is that over ridden by physical attraction. We don’t know because the used shirt in bag experiment did not include this as an option. Another variation on outcomes might be the men, after talking to all the women are more attracted to the average looking ones based on personality, cultural status, religious affiliation etc. A certain symmetry of the face and body has been established as an nearly universal standard of beauty – though that standard allows for a good range on something like a Bell curve – those that deviate too far from the peak seem to have fewer choices irregardless body scent.

I’m completely uninterested in whether Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina is a 9-11 Truther. That Glenn Beck says Medina is a truther or a martian is irrelevant, but since Beck is a major propagandist for the tea baggers, his dog on a leg promotion of racists anti-semantic theocrats instead of Medina does matter. My first and probably last link to LGF, Glenn Beck Exposes Truther ‘Tea Party’ Candidate, Hypes Theocratic Fanatic

At the same time as he exposes Medina (who was running a distant third and had no real chance of winning the governorship), however, Glenn Beck is heavily promoting David Barton and Wallbuilders, one of the most extreme theocratic groups currently operating in the US. Beck touts Barton as an “expert” on the founding of the United States; but in reality Barton is notorious for pushing revisionist history aimed at undermining the separation of church and state. Here’s an LGF search for our posts about David Barton.

More information about Barton’s past activities:

In 1991 Barton addressed the Rocky Mountain Bible Retreat of Pastor Pete Peters’ Scriptures for America, a group that espouses the racist “Christian Identity” theology. Advocates of this bizarre dogma insist that white Anglo-Saxons are the “true” chosen people of the Bible and charge that today’s Jews are usurpers. Aside from being a virulent anti-Semite, Peters has advocated the death penalty for homosexuals. According to the Anti-Defamation League, other speakers at the event included white supremacist leader and 1992 presidential candidate James “Bo” Gritz, a leader of the radical and increasingly violent militia movement, and Malcolm Ross, a Holocaust denier from Canada. In November of that same year, Barton spoke at Kingdom Covenant College in Grants Pass, Oregon, another “Christian Identity” front group with ties to Peters.

Maybe Barton picked up on the scent of Peter’s ovulating. The Right in general always seems to have a lot of weird repressed feelings.


“You take the blue pill the story ends and you wake up believing whatever you want to believe” The Matrix.

“Parks and Recreation’s” John Mayer joke

Attempting to orchestrate a reunion between her mother and mom’s long-lost first love, the frequently misguided Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) looks into the camera and speaks a little truth to power.

Check out the following clip, where Leslie gushes, “How often do you get to reunite soul mates? What if I told you that you could reunite Romeo and Juliet? Or Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston?” Then she turns deadly serious, adding, “Oh, Jen, I really want you to be happy. Stay away from John Mayer.”

This is probably an overestimation of Mayer, but I think he prepared for the interview by thinking up the most assclownish answers he could think of to questions he knew he’d get. The very dim bulb inside his head said the controversy would get  lots of free publicity with a subsequent jump in record sales and bookings of over sold concert halls. Stop taking the blue pills John.

My TV has a remote and an off switch so Private Practice only does me as much harm as I allow. Still what a waste of some very good talent, especially Amy Brenneman. “Private Practice”: How many adorable children must die?

How many adorable, saucer-eyed children are going to have to suffer and die and get torn from Mommy’s arms before this thing is through? That’s what I ask myself every time I find myself watching “Private Practice” (10 p.m. Thursdays on ABC), the flashier, cheesier, stupider cousin of “Grey’s Anatomy” that serves up a big, fat slice of Parental Nightmare Porn every week — you know, for the masochist that lives deep inside every last one of us.