edward ruscha’s “1984”, republicans caught dispensing junk climate science, the daymare of long term care hospitals


stretch by Edward Ruscha “1984”. Gunpowder and pencil on paper, done in 1967.

Remember the ten year old e-mails that global warming deniers twisted every which way to make it seem as though there was some vast climate scientists conspiracy. This junk science doesn’t need all the theatrics, Wegman’s Report Highly Politicized – and Fatally Flawed

The Hockey Stick refers to a graph (by Michael Mann, Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes) that became a defining image of the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It also became a target for Steve McIntyre and the Guelph University economist Ross McKitrick, who since 2002, at least, has been a paid spokesperson for ExxonMobil-backed think tanks such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the Fraser Institute.

With Buzz, Google Plunges Into Social Networking

On Tuesday, Google introduced a new service called Google Buzz, a way for users of its Gmail service to share updates, photos and videos. The service will compete with sites like Facebook and Twitter, which are capturing an increasing percentage of the time people spend online.

Not everyone on Facebook or who uses Twitter, but my daily experience suggests that some of the people obsessed with Twitter in particular are the least informed. Short messages may have their practical uses, but they are also often breaking off pieces of a bigger picture, missing lots of context and details.

Long-Term Care Hospitals Face Little Scrutiny

More than 400 similar facilities, called long-term acute care hospitals, have opened nationally in the last 25 years. Few of them have doctors on staff, and most are owned by for-profit companies. The Kansas City hospital is part of a chain called the Select Medical Corporation, a publicly traded Pennsylvania company that runs 89 long-term hospitals, more than any other company.

Lawsuits, state inspection reports and statistics deep in federal reports paint a troubling picture of the care offered at some Select hospitals, and at long-term care hospitals in general.

In 2007 and 2008, Select’s hospitals were cited at a rate almost four times that of regular hospitals for serious violations of Medicare rules, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Other long-term care hospitals were cited at a rate about twice that of regular hospitals.

To be vulnerable and sick or elderly and sick in which corporate masters have to squeeze a profit out of every freak’n Tylenol America. Its my daymare come true.


For anyone that likes their Chaos Theory somewhat easily digestible might try two Jason Statham movies – Chaos (2005). The first half hour might throw some people in that the style is kind of old school 70s Sidney Lumet ( he directed Dog Day Afternoon and Night Falls on Manhattan), but the action, twists and turns pick up quickly after that. That same year Statham was also in Revolver (2005) – lots of violence yet pretty cerebral. Chess – integral to Revolver’s plot – is a good hands on experience with chaos theory in that once you think so many moves ahead the possibilities – the number of possible outcomes – become impossible to comprehend. When does the player reach a point where he is being manipulated or become the manipulator.