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Filling in the gaps: Personality types lead people to choose certain brands

Why do Gap brand jeans appeal to people who seek intimacy in relationships? It may be a result of their upbringing. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people’s relationship styles can affect their brand choices.

[  ]…According to the authors, anxiously attached individuals are more influenced by “brand personalities,” the idea that a brand possesses humanlike traits, such as sincerity or excitement. “Because of a low view of self, anxious individuals use brands to signal their ideal self-concept to future relationship partners and therefore focus more on the personality of the brand,” the authors write.

In several studies, the researchers tested participants to determine their attachment styles. Then they asked about their desires for “sincere” versus “exciting” products. “Anxious individuals who were more avoidant of relationships tended to choose Abercrombie jeans, which were perceived to be more exciting than sincere. In contrast, anxious individuals who seek intimacy in relationships were more likely to pick Gap jeans, which were perceived as more sincere than exciting,” the authors write.

I do own some Gap jeans, and while I don’t have any Abercrombie jeans I do have some of their cotton twill pants. Maybe sincere can be exciting.

shale ledge and lake wallpaper

My general impression of the Fox/tea bagger agenda was a supposedly new populist agenda – complaints about AIG bonuses yet simultaneously singing the virtues of the free for all school of free enterprise ( in which AIG could do what it pleased). There are plenty of migraine inducing contradictions associated with the tea bagger mentality, in between conspiracy theories about death panels and birth certificates. Inadvertently Fox was kind enough to provide another example of the faux in tea the tea bagger populism, Media conservatives accuse Obama of “raping,” declaring “war” on banks by proposing

After President Obama proposed regulatory reform over the financial services industry in order to avoid “operating under the same rules that led to its near collapse,” media conservatives have stated that Obama is “bash[ing]” or engaged in a “war” on banks. Rush Limbaugh stated that Obama was “raping” banks.

I anxiously await the bank raping video to be posted on YouTube. I don’t think its even against the law. If Obama creates a baby bank zygote will conservatives argue that it must be carried to full term even if the bank has to be strapped down for nine months.

Crop Circle wallpaper via National Geographic. A friend and I made one these once, it’s not difficult at all.