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The scientists that published the paper seemed to anticipate the cultural blow-back, Are Men More Evolved Than Women?

Women may think of men as primitive, but new research indicates that the Y chromosome — the thing that makes a man male — is evolving far faster than the rest of the human genetic code.

A new study comparing the Y chromosomes from humans and chimpanzees, our nearest living relatives, show that they are about 30 percent different. That is far greater than the 2 percent difference between the rest of the human genetic code and that of the chimp’s..

[  ]…”The Y chromosome appears to be the most rapidly evolving of the human chromosomes,” said study co-author Dr. David Page, director of the prestigious Whitehead Institute in Cambridge and a professor of biology at MIT. “It’s an almost ongoing churning of gene reconstruction. It’s like a house that’s constantly being rebuilt.”

Before men get too impressed with themselves, lead author Jennifer Hughes offers some words of caution: Just because the Y chromosome, which determines gender, is evolving at a speedy rate it doesn’t necessarily mean men themselves are more evolved.

The Y chromosome appears to be about 6 million years old in human history. A recent development and contains around seventy to two hundred genes. Some of those have a self fulfilling function – fertility. There are genes in areas known as pseudoautosomal regions which are on both the Y and X chromosome. Having the Y chromosome – being male does not automatically endow one with a biological advantage, like the other chromosomes they can carry defects such as XYY syndrome. Not surprisingly the X chromosome, being older in evolutionary terms appears to be more sophisticated, possessing 900 to 1,400 genes. Nature tends to award genetic diversity, so just taking a casual guess the evolution of the Y chromosome is a simple solution to the problem of increasing diversity. We’re all the same, but we’re all different enough, that say we have another Black Death, some of us may possess enough natural resistance to survive. Not much of a consolation to the individuals that die, but the chances of the species surviving are increased by the small measure of diversity.

winter peaks at lake pehoe wallpaper

Are there awards for wasted research money, Raising kids may lower blood pressure

A new Brigham Young University study found that parenthood is associated with lower blood pressure, particularly so among women.

Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a BYU psychologist who studies relationships and health, reports her findings Jan. 14 in the peer-reviewed journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Of course parenthood is not the only route to low blood pressure – daily exercise and a low-sodium diet also do the trick. The noteworthy aspect of the study is the idea that social factors may also protect physical health.

Isn’t it common knowledge that a major motivation for getting married is people just get tired of dating. Dating for years is a little taste of what a hell would be like. Then many people cannot tolerate being alone. A couple is a smaller universe then one person. When you’re alone its the universe and you. Which can be joyous freedom for some. While for others the resonance of this meaningless disinterested universe can be over whelming. A couple, as a unit of fulfillment can wear thin quickly. More and more women and men realize they do not need each other to help plow the fields or a host of other practical cultural imperatives. They’re together because that in of itself is fulfilling. And both less demanding, yet more so. You and him or her or the centers of your worlds. Talk about pressure. Pressure or disinterest, there’s a problem and children are one way to solve it. Make the universe even smaller. Have children. The couple’s world shrinks down to diaper changing and for the first few years the golden glow of unqualified love and dependence. Later helping them with school and driving them to soccer practice. Who has time to contemplate a finite existence spent selling insurance or driving a truck and what meaning it has, if any, kids need to be taken care of. And wow, they lower your blood pressure. Kiss my ass existential angst I’ve got some huge distractions.