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If someone threatens to make you eat that gun, if its made of chocolate does that mean you’ve been threatened or they just think you could stand to gain a few pounds.

Nine Ways Our World Changed During the ‘00s. President Clinton triangulation of corporatism blended with concern about the common good completely gave way to corporatism in the 00s. There are several good reasons to find the astroturf tea baggers strange and contradictory. If what fuels their movement is a general resentment of the powers that be then that resentment is directed at corporate America. Government is merely the hand puppets in plain sight. Tea baggers also claim to stand for free markets and are against regulation, but corporate America is doing everything it can to make monopolies and oligopolies the norm. Thus there is something to admire about tea baggers, their ability to juggle contradictory agendas. This is frequently a symptom of sheepleism.

6. The Republican Party collapsed as a trusted force for reasoned governance, driven into the ground by the incompetence of its president, by unjustifiable and devastating military campaigns, and by policies that turned the economy over to corporate powers, who took it over a cliff. Economic fundamentalism and neoconservativism are now understood to be dystopian fantasies, and all that’s left for those who remain in the party is to flail around with tea bagging, climate denial, and attempts to kill anything that doesn’t bolster the military-industrial complex, the wealthy, and big business.

7. The Democratic Party collapsed as a trusted force for reasoned governance when, in spite of having an overwhelming mandate from the American people for real change, elected officials allowed corporations and their lobbyists to call the shots on health care reform, regulation of Wall Street speculation, and climate legislation. The resulting policies shored up the stock market but did little to help ordinary people, who became increasingly alienated from the party.

thanks for the memories

I have always thought the dichotomous idea of personality divisions into thrill seekers and risk avoiders overly simplistic. There is a little grain of truth, but people are usually more complicated then that. Though there does seem to a be some people that enjoy being scared. So much so they convince themselves that a threat exists where there is none, or is frequently the case they take a threat and treat it like an inflatable green and pink pool dragon. Those of us that have an insufferable tendency to see the various threats life offers on a scale and try not to act like headless chickens looking for the lost appendage are rational. Rational is thus the new threat.I must have overlooked those writings of the Founding Fathers that dreamed we become a nation of melodrama queens.

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There is a difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. The former gets a little grief because it is generally motivated by vanity. Vanity, closely connected to social standards of appearance, is not a bad thing  – ever sit next to someone who hasn’t bathed or changed clothes for a couple days. Reconstructive surgery is about more pressing issues. Like being able to recognize yourself, Anaplastologists And Otolaryngologists Rebuild Noses With Laser Scanning Technique

Biomedical engineers developed a process to make it easier to create a custom nose shape for patients. It uses laser surface scanning to create more accurate shapes and a plastic prototype model. This allows doctors to construct an accurately shaped nose using skin and cartilage from other parts of the body.

Patients who have been disfigured by birth defects, accidents or disease could have the opportunity to lead a new life, with a unique new way to re-build noses and other facial features. Samantha Winpiglar and Pat Petricko had nose cancer, and had all or part of their noses removed.

“When I came out of surgery a couple of times and saw what my face looked like, what my nose looked like, I did a lot of crying,” says Petricko.

“People actually didn’t recognize me as who I was,” adds Winpiglar.