conmen have it easy, leaf, i feel what you’re saying

If you’re up late or get up early he’s hard to avoid – Kevin Trudeau. Author of Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About”. Maybe there is a conspiracy to keep us all deprived of nutritional information and a government agency assigned that task. If so how come the men in black haven’t come to get Kev for spilling the beans so to speak. Trudeau is not very bright, but that’s the beauty of being a conman in the U.S. – can anyone say WMD – not only will people line up to buy your brand of snake oil, they’ll libel, slander and intimidate those that suggest you’re not being truthful. Did I mention that Trudeau is a convicted felon.

You may have seen him in infomercials where he claims, among many other questionable things, that you can’t get cancer in alkaline cells and that cancer can be cured by changing the pH of the cancerous cells to alkaline.

Kevin might be kissing cousins with Chuck Norris who seems to have suffered a head injury after falling off one of those cheesy exercise machines. He used to suffer from the delusion he was an actor, now he thinks he is a climate scientist.

i miss the tail lights

This sounds nice. Something fairy taleish or out of some virtual video game of the future, People Hear With Their Skin as Well as Their Ears

We hear with our ears, right? Yes, but scientists have known for years that we also hear with our eyes. In a landmark study published in 1976, researchers found that people integrated both auditory cues and visual ones, like mouth and face movements, when they heard speech.

[   ]…The researchers had subjects listen to spoken syllables while hooked up to a device that would simultaneously blow a tiny puff of air onto the skin of their hand or neck. The syllables included “pa” and “ta,” which produce a brief puff from the mouth when spoken, and “ba” and “da,” which don’t produce puffs. They found that when listeners heard “ba” or “da” while a puff of air was blown onto their skin, they perceived the sound as “pa” or “ta.”

I’m a big believer in personal space. Anyone that gets close enough to speak to me that I can feel their breath on my skin is not going to do so for long.

Dr. Gick noted that it would normally be rare that someone actually sensed a puff of air produced by another, although people might occasionally sense their own puffs. Either way, he said, the stimulus is very subtle, “which suggests it is very powerful.”

When Dr. Gick gets someone to read Slaughterhouse Five silently into someone’s skin and have the person write down the words as they’re spoken be sure and get back to me. Sounds are waves and I can understand that we can feel sounds, but he might be pushing it to claim skin tissue can approximate our inner ear.

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