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lake dwellings

Mega-Media Era Begins: GE-Vivendi Deal Clears Way for Comcast-NBC Merger

It should come as no surprise that Wall Street and Washington are saying this is already a done deal: The media and telecommunications industry is second only to drug companies in how much it spends lobbying Washington. Its army of PR firms, lobbyists and sock-puppet think tanks is already blitzing the press corps and Capitol Hill. It’s readying Comcast CEO Brian Roberts for his close-up as a new media mogul [5] and neglecting to mention the impact of this deal on everyday people.

Comcast has raised cable rates for years while raking in record profits nearly every quarter [6]. It is anti-union [7]. It cares nothing for independent, alternative programming. And if you’re a startup television channel, you can forget about getting a spot in Comcast’s lineup. Comcast will charge you far more for space on its lineup than you could possibly pay. Just ask Al Gore about his failed effort to get his Current TV a reasonable position in the cable lineup.

Let’s not forget that Comcast is the company that was caught illegally blocking [8] peer-to-peer Internet downloads and then lying about it – earning a smack-down from the FCC for breaking Net Neutrality rules. And the company is known for blocking TV ads [9] it didn’t like. The company’s track record of protecting the public’s interest isn’t exactly stellar.

The inevitable march toward an idiocracy. Please stand aside or get trampled by corporate media determined to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Or just a matter of being one’s own editor. Seeking out good journalism. TV has always had crappy entertainment mixed in with some good stuff. It’s the network/cable journalists as public watch dogs or their failure as watch dogs that takes a hit with every merger, as well as our culture.

Henry Tonks 1918 by John Singer Sargent. Tonks was a surgeon, artist and friend of Sargent.

We create our make believe friends in our own image, Study: Believers’ inferences about God’s beliefs are uniquely egocentric

The final study involved functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure the neural activity of test subjects as they reasoned about their own beliefs versus those of God or another person. The data demonstrated that reasoning about God’s beliefs activated many of the same regions that become active when people reasoned about their own beliefs.

The researchers noted that people often set their moral compasses according to what they presume to be God’s standards. “The central feature of a compass, however, is that it points north no matter what direction a person is facing,” they conclude. “This research suggests that, unlike an actual compass, inferences about God’s beliefs may instead point people further in whatever direction they are already facing.”

Imagine getting all the deities that humans have ever believed in, in the same room. Would there be a lot of finger-pointing and accusations of false gods. Maybe they would all sit there quietly thinking each other delusional.