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Cock-a-Doodle-Doo Rag. In this context rag is short for ragtime jazz. Maybe because of the brouhaha over a recent Newsweek cover I was wondering whether this poster would be an exploitation of chickens or women.

I’m uncertain as to whether galaxies and black holes can have their feelings hurt via an undeserved reputation, for say be cannibalistic. Just is case they do, karma and all, it should be noted that black holes can give birth to galaxies,  Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy into Existence?

Which come first, the supermassive black holes that frantically devour matter or the enormous galaxies where they reside? A brand new scenario has emerged from a recent set of outstanding observations of a black hole without a home: black holes may be “building” their own host galaxy. This could be the long-sought missing link to understanding why the masses of black holes are larger in galaxies that contain more stars. ( photos at link)

[   ]…These observations have provided a surprising new take on the system. While no trace of stars is revealed around the black hole, its companion galaxy is extremely rich in bright and very young stars. It is forming stars at a rate equivalent to about 350 Suns per year, one hundred times more than rates for typical galaxies in the local Universe.

Earlier observations had shown that the companion galaxy is, in fact, under fire: the quasar is spewing a jet of highly energetic particles towards its companion, accompanied by a stream of fast-moving gas. The injection of matter and energy into the galaxy indicates that the quasar itself might be inducing the formation of stars and thereby creating its own host galaxy; in such a scenario, galaxies would have evolved from clouds of gas hit by the energetic jets emerging from quasars.

So The Flying Spaghetti Monster did not rest on the seventh day, but continues to produce possible little mud balls circling stars upon which enlightened civilizations may one day produce greasy fast food, toxic land fills and tons of plastic that swirls in its oceans.

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Once all the deal making is done to appease the small minded and perennially petty egotists, this will all be moot point, CBS’ Cordes falsely suggests health care bills will not reduce deficits after 10 years

CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes forwarded the Republican suggestion that the House and Senate health care reform bills are a “trillion-dollar scam” because the bills “impos[e] new taxes years before the tax credits would kick in to help Americans buy insurance,” and thus would only reduce the deficit in the first decade after enactment. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that both bills would also reduce the deficit beyond the first 10 years.

First, dear Nancy, I rechecked the journalism 101 basics and its still who, when and where, sometimes how. Not watch me be stand in spokesperson for a point of view devoid of facts.

In the decade after 2019, the gross cost of the coverage expansion would probably exceed 1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), but the added revenues and cost savings would probably be greater. Consequently, CBO (Congrssional Budget Office) expects that the bill, if enacted, would reduce federal budget deficits over the ensuing decade relative to those projected under current law — with a total effect during that decade that is in a broad range around one-quarter percent of GDP

The CBO is not that different from the accountant down the street. They are not bad at adding up costs, but are frequently iffy in projecting savings. Especially in cases where some interdependent factors like up dating medical data bases and proactive preventative medicine are part of those savings.


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Rick Warren Refuses To Condemn Proposed Ugandan Law To Execute Gays

Newsweek tried to get Warren’s reaction to the anti-gay work of Martin Ssempa, a Ugandan pastor who has come to his Saddleback Church multiple times. (Warren has distanced himself from Ssempa in general terms, saying the Ugandan minister does not represent him or his church.) Warren wouldn’t reject the idea:

But Warren won’t go so far as to condemn the legislation itself. A request for a broader reaction to the proposed Ugandan anti-homosexual laws generated this response: “The fundamental dignity of every person, our right to be free, and the freedom to make moral choices are gifts endowed by God, our creator. However, it is not my personal calling as a pastor in America to comment or interfere in the political process of other nations.” On Meet the Press this morning, he reiterated this neutral stance in a different context: “As a pastor, my job is to encourage, to support. I never take sides.” Warren did say he believed that abortion was “a holocaust.” He knows as well as anyone that in a case of great wrong, taking sides is an important thing to do.

Ssempa has also burned condoms “in the name of Jesus,” helping roll back a highly successful anti-AIDS campaign in Uganda.

Warren who is pro government control of every woman’s uterus, thinks he might be on shaky moral ground for condemning the death sentence for people having sex. Its not just homosexuals, but by discouraging the use of condoms he does not seem to think much of women or heterosexuals either. Its not hard to believe that an evangelical does not understand the importance of societal pressure in effecting change whether its in Utah or Uganda, its impossible.

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Families can be wonderful, but they can be stressful too. The same dynamic goes for holidays. Put both together and you get a low level jolt of the flight-or- fight response. The chemicals released when you’re feeling stressed give your autoimmune system a beating, Seeing family for the holidays? Scientists discover how the stress might kill you

“Ever since Hans Seyle’s groundbreaking work on stress, scientists have been trying to understand why stressful situations often exacerbate autoimmune diseases and cause re-emergence of latent infections,” said John Wherry, Ph.D., Deputy Editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. “In true fight or flight situations, stress can be a lifesaver, but understanding how the neurological response to the stress of everyday events such as seeing your family around the holidays impacts immune responses should provide opportunities for new therapies.”

To be fair it is also probably true that visiting family and friends can be a stress reducer. After all you are away from the back stabbers and two faced morons at work.