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Nano tech news has been frustrating for its distant promises. I had started to think they should call it someday technology or pie-in-the-sky technology. A name change won’t be necessary, nano-science is making actual progress, Medibots: The world’s smallest surgeons

While nanobots that swim through the blood are still in the realm of fantasy, several groups are developing devices a few millimetres in size. The first generation of “mini-medibots” may infiltrate our bodies through our ears, eyes and lungs, to deliver drugs, take tissue samples or install medical devices.

*Keyhole surgery with the da Vinci system –  This system lets a computer guided by a doctor to make precise – trembling hands free – surgery

* Swallowing a small camera capsule  for an endoscopy rather then insert a tube through the rectum or mouth. propelling the capsule camera is not too much of a problem with the stomachs natural contractions providing propulsion.

*Propulsion and guidance of nano devices dies remain a problem. Nano wires attached to the device might be used to guide little repair bots for surgery on major organs.

* The HeartLander robot – used for heart surgery. In most heart surgeries the heart is stopped and the patient hooked up to a heart-lung machine. In other words the real operation hasn’t even started yet and the body is already under considerable stress. Using keyhole incisions  and the 20-millimetre-long HeartLande the surgeon guides it with, yes, a video like joy stick to guide the caterpillar like device  can inject stem cells or be used to deliver gene therapies directly into the heart.

*ViRob – 1 millimetre in diameter and 5 millimetres long. a magenetic field makes the legs move inside the body where it can deliver drugs to hard to reach spots and take small tissue samples for testing. The goal is to be able to operate Virob inside blood vessels, but thus far it cannot handle the turbulence.

*Ophthalmic robot – is being developed for delicate surgery – sometimes on blood vessels so small they’re difficult to impossible to see without magnification. You can imagine how difficult operating on such vessels would be.

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Good times. We no longer have to bother with law schools, trials, lawyers, evidence, witnesses, procedural rules or any other nuances of a judicial system. Try people by media with insinuations, doctored video and sweeping condemnations – then bring the rope, Andrew Breitbart Trying To Blackmail The Obama Administration With ACORN And Other Videos

Buffalo Bill’s
by: e.e. cummings

Buffalo Bill’s
who used to
ride a watersmooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat

he was a handsome man
and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death

cummings fist shaking at death. having never spoken with death i do not know for sure, but indirect evidence suggests it is not, sadly, moved by cynicism.