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Can Prosecutors Be Sued By People They Framed?

Do prosecutors have total immunity from lawsuits for anything they do, including framing someone for murder? That is the question the justices of the Supreme Court face Wednesday.

On one side of the case being argued are Iowa prosecutors who contend “there is no freestanding right not to be framed.” They are backed by the Obama administration, 28 states and every major prosecutors organization in the country.

On the other side are two black men — Terry Harrington and Curtis McGhee — men who served 25 years in prison before evidence long hidden in police files resulted in them being freed.

The mentality at work among the prosecutors and the Obama administration seems to the fabled can of worms. Let these men, sent to jail on fabricated evidence be allowed compensatory damages and it will be the end of the republic. Its probably not much consolation for spending 25 years in jail for a wrongful conviction, but the prosecuots can probably be prosecuted on the crminal level, as can the police. The lawyers arguing the case before the SCOTUS claim that as far as liability goes, especially in case such as this where the prosecutors participated in fabricating evidence before trial ( framing the defendants) the prosecutors should enjoy no more then the limited liability that police officers have.

Since there will be few click over, one irony is that the likely perpetrator was a white man named Charles Gates who had been seen near the crime carrying a shotgun, questioned and released.

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Anyone else see that 60 Minutes report on alleged Medicare fraud. They might have played fast and loss with the actual dollar figures and assigned the figures to Medicare out of the carelessness one would expect from a third grader’s research paper. Loose with numbers: Medicare fraud report a fiction

McCaleb and the attorney general were wrong, too. GAO has never estimated total Medicare fraud. It investigates targeted programs within Medicare, finding fraud in the millions, not billions. And it’s not total federal expenditure that those estimates McCaleb referred to are based on. It’s total public and private expenditure on health care. The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, a partnership between private insurers and the federal government, says that it “estimates conservatively that 3 percent of all health care spending — or $68 billion — is lost to health care fraud.” The association bases that figure on 2007 total health care spending of $2.27 trillion in the United States. It’s an unscientific, very dubious way of making estimates. (emphasis mine)

Too late now. For the most part the numbers as reported by 60 Minutes will become part of the popular lore.

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Recently Jonathan Chait did a review-article of two books on Ayn Rand (Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right and Ayn Rand and the World She Made) called Wealthcare. Chait went into quite a bit of detail, historical context and poor guy, even delved into Rand’s bizarre sex cult life style. I was thinking – pretty much the definitive review, but  Johann Hari in How Ayn Rand Became an American Icon – The perverse allure of a damaged woman manages to quite a bit more to the picture.

Rand had become addicted to amphetamines while writing The Fountainhead, and her natural paranoia and aggression were becoming more extreme as they pumped though her veins. Anybody in her circle who disagreed with her was subjected to a show trial in front of the whole group in which they would be required to repent or face expulsion. Her secretary, Barbara Weiss, said: “I came to look on her as a killer of people.” The workings of her cult exposed the hollowness of Rand’s claims to venerate free thinking and individualism. Her message was, think freely, as long as it leads you into total agreement with me.

[   ]…The figure Ayn Rand most resembles in American life is L. Ron Hubbard, another crazed, pitiable charlatan who used trashy potboilers to whip up a cult. Unfortunately, Rand’s cult isn’t confined to Tom Cruise and a rash of Hollywood dimwits. No, its ideas and its impulses have, by drilling into the basest human instincts, captured one of America’s major political parties.

Hari rightly calls Rand’s world view, one which was supposedly the opposite of Bolsheviks, their twin. Then is clearly a collectivism about far right. Instead of the state, on the economic level they’ve substituted corporations and greed  and on the cultural level they’ve pawned off a god and religion made in their image.