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One of the great things about Mad Men is an element of the show that doesn’t create much to argue about is the way it looks. Part of that look is set design and customs ( I have a near allergy to dress codes, but part of me wishes that at least sartorially we lived in the Madison Avenue of the early 60s), but generally taken for granted is the cinematography. Christopher Manley recently won an Emmy for his work on the show. I wondered why they tended to have nearly photographic framing of shots and the tendency to linger on people – Don at his desk, Betty reading in bed, a couple having a conversation at a party. It’s because, fitting for a period drama, they use an old film technique relying primarily on one camera. The one camera allows lighting that especially enhances that set of actions by the actors and is less compromising of the camera’s focus. The show has a classic look because it is classic. One of my pet peeves about TV is the pervasive use of the chest up shot. It’s as though human beings do not exist from the waist down. The tendency to halve people also cuts out a lot of body language.  The full article is here, Christopher Manley. ASC discusses his Emmy-nominated work on Mad Men, the acclaimed period drama currently in its third season on AMC. There are of photos from the show that have the same tonality that you see on the screen.


A video of Anne Frank before she was taken away to a concentration camp. Her father expresses some thoughts that I find interesting because of my own personal experiences and wondering how well we really know the people in our lives, in Otto Frank’s case, his own daughter,

“I was very much surprised about deep thoughts Anne had, a seriousness, especially her self-criticism. It was quite a different Anne I had known as my daughter. She never really showed this kind of inner feeling,” Otto Frank said.

apple gallery wallpaper. that sharp to shadowy look around the edges is the result of the simulated lighting.

Water Bears to Travel to Martian Moon, Test Theory of Transpermia

Tiny microscopic creatures commonly known as water bears (also called Tardigrades), along with a few other life forms, will be sent to the Martian moon Phobos to test whether organisms can survive for long periods of time in deep space.

Rush Limbaugh was considered instead of the water bears, but scientists discovered he was simply a bag of pasty flesh filled with vitriol.