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Plants recognize siblings, and UD researchers have discovered how

Susan Dudley, an evolutionary plant ecologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and her colleagues observed that when siblings are grown next to each other in the soil, they “play nice” and don’t send out more roots to compete with one another.

However, the moment one of the plants is thrown in with strangers, it begins competing with them by rapidly growing more roots to take up the water and mineral nutrients in the soil.

As of this posting plants do not have, as far as we know, ears or eyes and the neural network that sorts out the information perceived by those sensory organs. How are plants making the determination that another plant is a close relative. Plants do have chemical sensors – root exudates. Root exudates can manufacture, uptake and excrete chemical compounds. Apparently brother and sister plants can recognize each other through some unique chemical signature.

autumn reflections river rocks

Recently some conservative bloggers were left home alone. Having no proper supervision, little imagination and nothing else to do they worked up a faux scandal over some White House art. Now some related members of the konservative art police have been caught, shall we say being inspired by the ACLU’s “Keep America Safe and Free” logo for yet another organization to promote preemptive invasions and other fun stuff. Only theirs just says ‘Keep America Safe”. If safety is the major concern, freedom being a bitch and all, we could have taken the three trillion dollars we spent on Iraq and just put the entire U.S. population into a an underground vault.

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Six More Sentenced to Death Over Riots in China. In light of this do you think companies such as Apple, Hewlett Packard, Volkswagon, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Citigroup and General Electric will use their economic leverage to push China towards more respect for basic human rights.