classic autumn wallpaper, the right’s polanski hypocrisy

classic autumn wallpaper

Its strange and unfortunate that someone who committed such a loathsome crime also directed one of the best films ever made, Polanski’s “Chinatown”

I am not claiming that a work of art has nothing to do with the person who made it, since that’s a stupid idea, and I’m certainly not claiming that the work of art is somehow co-guilty of its creator’s crimes, since that’s an even stupider idea. (Wagner’s music will always be identified with fascism; it can’t be reduced to fascism.) I am certainly not speaking out in defense of Roman Polanski, who apparently did something that was both heinous and illegal, and should long ago have faced the consequences. I guess I’m saying that it’s hypothetically possible to learn something from a movie, and totally impossible to learn anything from the sordid private lives of celebrities.

According to Census data I’ve lived several places in the south that can be described as average. Sordidness is not particularly an attribute of geography or profession. Just last year a nearby Baptist minister was arrested for molesting children at their day school. He’s probably getting a little payback in his current residence, the state penitentiary.  Is Hollywood really a hotbed of support for Roman Polanski? – The short answer is no. The Right’s issues with Hollywood are strange. Based in part on the assumption that all Americans are as morally soft and intellectually pliable as play-dough. You know, the same stuff of which conservatives are generally made. Since conservatives are such easy prey to their basest inclinations, its somehow incumbent on the rest of us to save them from temptations that might be aroused by pretend plays on the silver screen. Judging from their history its difficult if not impossible to believe their outrage over Polanski comes from genuine conviction. Most Republicans in the Senate recently voted to protect military contractors from liability in cases where an employee is raped. To drug and rape a young girl is certainly a form of torture yet Conservatives have spared no amount of twisted logic to defend torture – hell, torture is even patriotic. Rush Limbaugh looked at the photos of torture at Abu Ghraib – which involved sexual humiliation and declared the acts no worse then frat house pranks. Bill O’Reilly clearly implied that a woman dressed a certain way in a certain part town was just asking to be raped.