fish and why we need better pundits, muted red autumn wallpaper

In this video- Jon Stewart Schools Sean Hannity About History, The Food Chain (VIDEO) – Sean Hannity holds up a small fish with heart felt outrage and declares this, this fish, this insignificant creature is why farmers in the middle of a drought are not getting water from government built reservoirs. The simple-mindedness reminds me of Sarah Palin’s use of fruit fly research in a tirade against what she felt was government waste. Nothing like watching a con, mouth in gear, brain disengaged try their hand at appealing to the aggrieved masses. Anyway, the video Stewart did on Hannity, besides being off on the history of water rights and in total disregard of the food chain on which commercial fishermen make a living coincides with this recent report, Fish-Killing Toxin Could Kill Cancer Cells

One potential use of the toxin is in treating cancer patients. Laboratory tests have shown that even low concentrations of euglenophycin led to a significant decrease in cancer cell growth, and can kill cancer cells. Future tests will attempt to verify whether the toxin can slow or prevent tumor formation. Positive results would indicate that this problematic alga could have beneficial medical applications.

If Hannity damn a fish as insignificant he would certainly damn saving an algae. In Sean’s world every life form is insignificant, dispensable. Because he and the viewers that afford him a multi-million dollar living think that so much of the world is worthless, then they’re, let’s assume the best, inadvertently a danger to themselves. Not to mention the rest of us.

muted red autumn wallpaper